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Plague Figure from Burning of the Clocks 2016 Brighton

I’ve been off taking photos again!  I have to say, I have been thoroughly enjoying getting out and playing with my camera.  I’m still getting the hang of using it on fully manual, but I think I’m getting there 🙂  On with the photos! December has been a fun month.  We went along to the Burning of the Clocks on Winter Solstice.  It was wonderful to see, I particularly loved the main figure you see in the picture above.  I think it was a Plague Doctor, sadly I didn’t find out the theme for this year.

There was a parade of lanterns, which you can see the latest vlog.  All of the lanterns eventually ended up in the Ship of Dreams on the beach, which is then set alight.  I really like the image below, I just wish I could have gotten a wee bit less exposure on the clock, however if I brought the light down much more everything else appears grey and some of the detail is lost.  I needed a tripod so I could attempt a long exposure with a touch less light.  I managed to get both of these photos from quite a distance, over the heads of people, at night.  Not half bad.

Burning Ship from Burning of the Clocks 2016 Brighton

I was pretty busy with work for most of the month, however it was lovely to take some time off over Christmas and enjoy relaxing with friends and family.  It was our last Christmas in our current flat, so it seemed entirely appropriate to take a photo of the tree.  I love how the colour pops on the gold bauble.  There’s even a bit of a twinkle on the bow.

Christmas Tree Bauble

On Boxing day myself and Simon went along for the Boxing Day Walk.  A few neighbours get together and go for a big country walk to get to a pub a few miles away, there we all warm up and have a mulled cider or beverage of choice.  Myself and Simon decided to walk back and grab a few photos on the way.  I’m so pleased we did, the sunlight was beautiful.  Everything looked gloriously vibrant, especially certain parts of our walk.

Sunlit winding path Blue Sky & Telephone Lines Tower

I love the contrast in this shot, the black & grey lines of the tower against the bright blue of the sky.  I also like that this is slightly on a tilt, it almost looks like the tower is leaning, or bending at the top.  All of the layered squares act as an optical illusion I think.

We passed a reservoir on our way, so of course I had to take all of the photos.  The shot below is one of my favourites.  The sun was slowly going down and it was warming the side of the boat with a touch of golden light.   There’s something about this shot that just makes me smile.

Row Boat on a reservoir in Suffolk

These are my favourite shots from the month.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying photography again and slowly getting better with every photo I take.  I should be starting the next part of my photography course soon hopefully!  For now I’ll make sure to continue practicing.  You can see my first post in this series over here, November Edit.  Are you a fan of photography?  What hobbies make you happy?

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