How I create my mermaid/unicorn hair

Mermaid Hair Dyes

Now I’ve been a mermaid/unicorn for quite a while – almost two years in fact!  It has changed massively over that time, from mint green to the multicoloured joy you see now.  So how do I create this look?  First, I bribe my husband to help me…I’ve a lot of hair and it’s nice to have some company.  So if you’ve a friend that you can easily bribe, do it.  If not get multiple mirrors in place before you start.  You will need to see the back of your head.   You’ll also need hair clips & something to help section your hair.  Right now on to the particulars!

I cannot recommend getting your hair professionally bleached nearly enough.  Seriously.  It will make all the difference to the health of your hair – trust someone that’s done it both ways.  They’re professional hairdressers for a reason.  As you can see below, the hair colour had pretty much washed out, I was almost blonde again.  My roots were growing out, meaning my violet roots were much further down my and I’d mousy brown roots.

Before Hair Dying

What I did & in what order

All of the hair dyes have to be applied to dry hair, so I had to break it up into three stages.  First came the Schwarzkopf Live Lightener & Twist in 101 Rose*.  I wish I’d left this on a wee bit longer – mostly because my hair is so porous, it’s so hard to get lighter colours to hold.  It still muted the blonde and added a pinky hint.

I rinsed that all out and dried my hair.  I almost sobbed because I used minimal hair products and I could feel the heat frying my hair, but you need to keep them to a minimum so the next hair dye takes.  Next roots!

I used the Schwarzkopf Live Intense Colour & Lift in L76 Ultra Violet.  I love how it looks against the pale rose pink.  Again I left this on the correct amount of time, then rinsed and dried…more sobbing.  My poor hair!

How to create mermaid or unicorn multi-coloured hair in 3 easy steps.

OK we’re almost there.  For my multicoloured ends I used temporary dyes.  Mostly because I can’t find any permanent versions!  Someone go sort that out!  As you can see we just took random sections of hair and applied one of the following: Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights in 094 Purple punk* or 096 Turquoise Temptation*, or Stargazer in Tropical Green.  You can see the end result immediately after.

Mermaid or Unicorn

So that’s it!  This last shot is my hair after a few weeks, as you can see my hair just refuses to hold the temporary colour, although it’s still holding on better than it used to!  I think my new shampoo, conditioner combo is working wonders – you can read all about those in my December Favourites.  If you want to see it all in action you can check out the video down below!

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