A glorious break in the countryside | Weekly Vlog

Country Adventures Vlog

Would you look at that, a shiny new wonderful vlog!  I managed to escape for a few days to the West Country, or better known as Somerset.  Some of you may remember the gloriously crazy Meg nut, my friend’s dog.  She makes a comeback, to say that she was excited to see me would be an understatement!  I could have made a video of just Meg singing to me, I think she thought I was a figment of her imagination because every morning she sang with utter delight…or maybe it was just her way of trying to get into the bed with me for snuggles. Silly dog.

I got out for lots of walks in the countryside, I am a country girl at heart.  Having been reared on a farm,  it likely explains why I’m at my happiest in the stillness of the rural countryside.  I didn’t even mind the heavy rain, it made warming up by the log fire even more enjoyable.

Aside from those wonderful few days in Somerset, I had a great few days returning to my new normality as a full-time freelancer.  I went to a meetup, contacted lots of wonderful people.  I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

Unsurprisingly Simon makes an appearance, it’d be a bit weird if he wasn’t in the vlog!  We rounded out our week by going for another walk trying to get as close to the countryside as we could 🙂  I hope you enjoy this week’s vlog.

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4 thoughts on “A glorious break in the countryside | Weekly Vlog

    1. Aw thank you! Meg was such a legend, I have so much footage of her, but thought it best not to put it all on there. I’ve instead sent it all to Joe! i would love walks with Mackey!!

    1. I think it was part of an old quarry, there was a shute of some sort behind it, all brick with this stunning archway. It was hidden under lots of vines and leaves. Pretty cool actually 🙂 Isn’t Meg a legend, such a sweetheart

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