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Valentines Full Face Looking Down

I decided it would be fun to create an alternative to the normal Valentine’s Day makeup looks, generally soft smoky eyes or a vampy red lip.  So as a fan of colour, I thought a colourful alternative was in order!  I’ve done this as part of a collab with Lima from fashioncide – her look is already up and it is magnificent!  You can check out her post here.  Alana from A Rose for Epona is also creating a look, her post will go live today, so I’ve not seen it yet.  I’ve no doubt it will also be fab!

If I’m honest, my look was vaguely inspired by my own hair.  Throw in the fact that I fancied playing with my makeup for a bit..well that probably explains the amount of eyeshadows I ended up using.  I just felt like colouring in!   The instructions are going to be short and sweet, otherwise this post will be way too long, I’m also just referencing the shadow shades rather than the name of each shadow. You can watch the video down below to see it all in action.

Valentines Full Face Profile


Primer – mac painterly paint pot. Cream shadow over the top.  Rose shadow above the crease, blended.  Vibrant purple, lightly into the crease.  Peachy pink in the inner third of my lid, packed on.  Dark matte grey on the outer two thirds, packed on.  Blend along the crease.  With a damp brush, pack on silver, glittery shadow over the grey shadow. Take bluey/purple into the outer V – this is all out the exaggerated side of things.  Take this same shadow along the outer third of the lower lid, blend it out.  Bring the grey along the lower lid – centre third, again blend it down.  The peachy, pink is on the inner third of the lower lid.

On with the exaggerated liquid wing liner.  It’s a bit of a big one.  I used a set of glamorous fake lashes, which for some reason decided to be annoying – I forgot to bend the lashes so that they’d stay down properly.  Plus I’d no patience.  So ignore any lifting in the shots.  I did apply mascara top and bottom.   I then went with a dark plummy colour to blend the top of the winged liner with my crease.  I also used a black kohl pencil in my top & bottom water line and used a bit of black powder to tight line along my lower lashline.   I unsurprisingly filled in my brows!

alt Valentine's Day Makeup Used


I did some red correcting with my primer – hooray for random eczema. I went full coverage with my foundation and set it.  Contoured my cheekbones, chin and top of my forehead.  I went with a cool pink blush and a silver highlighter.  I also swept some ambient lighting powder all over my face too, just to add more glow.

I topped it all off with a plummy pink lipstick.  That’s the finished result!  I know, lots of shadows, but I fancied a play.  You could probably remove the rose shadow from the list if that helps?

Valentines Full Face Looking Up

Make sure you check out the other two girls and see the looks they’ve created.  You can watch the video below for a better idea of what I’ve done.  It’s a short video, so no faffing about.  If you like my videos, you can always subscribe to my channel and become even more of a legend!  Win – subscribe to my channel here.


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