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So I may have bought a few things recently…it would’ve been rude not to and it’s been a while.  I’ve a mix of things I’ve bought and bits that I’ve been sent to test out.  Let’s start with the things I picked up at Pro Beauty…I blame Holly, she’s a massive enabler.

We happen to pass Spectrum Collections and well, the  Spectrum Siren Sculpt face  and Siren Smoke Eye brush sets needed a new home! Plus this excellent makeup bag, Half Unicorn Half Mermaid I thought it was appropriate! They’re so soft and beautiful, I’m not sure I can use them!  I will though..I think.  The life of a blogger, I just want to keep them as props!

As you can see I hit up NYX a wee bit. I decided I needed a different grey, so I went with a matte lipstick* in Ultra Dare.  I then went with two soft matte lip creams in Havana and Moscow.  I got four of the Jumbo Eye Pencils* in Black Bean, Iced Mocha, Rust and Purple Velvet.  All very pretty and I have plans for them!  I replaced my HD Photogenic setting powder* (it’s not actually photogenic, all the flashback, but it’s a good setting powder) and Matte Setting Spray*.

From stargazer I bought a few glitters..because why not!  I went with a Glitzy Glitter in Garnet, Plush Glitter in Violet and Chunky Glitter in UV White.  I’m going to have all the fun.

Spectrum NYX Stargazer


Now on to the PR bits that I’ve been sent to test out.  First are the things I got from Glo & Ray when I went to the Palmer // Harding show.  I got another Longwear Precision Liquid Eyeliner, I already raved about it in my February Favourites, so I’m delighted to have another for my collection!  They also gave me a snazzy TP-Link Groovi speaker*, rather fab!

I have the Garnier Skin Active Pure Active Sensitive products to test.  I’ve tried them, I think I like the tonic out of this line, sadly my skin needs different products at the minute, with eczema issues and other bits.  If you’ve normal skin but with the odd breakout, this might suit you better!

Lastly I have three Ayurvedic Kajals from Soultree in some excellent colours – Mood Indigo, Purple Haze and Pure Black.  I cannot wait to have a play with these.  I wonder if they’ll keep their shape?  I will soon find out!

PR Haul

As always, you can check out the video below for another nosy!  Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me review sooner rather than later, or if you want to see it in a tutorial.  All requests welcome!

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    1. Yeah I wasn’t the biggest fan of the skinactive stuff, I’ve donated mine to a friend. Sometimes you do just have to treat yourself, as long as it’s once in a blue moon!

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