Travelling to Gili Trawangan | Bali Vlog 7

Gili Trawangan One

We made it to one of the islands!  Go team!  I’ve a handful of random shots from our trip over, but I was too busy chilling out to be honest!  I just about remembered to vlog.  I have been posting some of the shots I did take over on my Instagram, so definitely pop over and check that out.  I did manage to capture an utterly amazing sunset on our first night which I’ve included in this vlog.

A few details from our trip.  We travelling from Padangbai and it cost us 1100000 IDR ~ £65 for our return boat trip for both of us.  We travelled with Marina Srikandi.  I’m not sure I’d recommend it to be honest, our boat had lots of drunken blokes and the staff continued to sell them more beer, so that was fun – our boat was at 9am people…  There was practically no air con and I felt pretty ill by the time we arrived – just from the heat alone.  I did stand at the back next to the door in a bid to cool off.  It got us there intact though, which was the main thing.  It actually made our arrival even better in a way was we went to the South West of the island – Serene Sunset Villas and oh my goodness, it was magnificent.  Very chilled and beautiful.  I’ll do a full post on it soon with heaps of photos of it.

We found the Serene Sunset Villas in airbnb (ooo if you use this link I get money off, you get money off, it all wins!).   It was £47 a night for both of us.  Definitely worth it.  Like I said, review soon – it rocks.  I’ll leave you with a picture of the amazing bed.

Check out the video below for the amazing sunset and our trip over and just the views.  It’s all pretty damn stunning!  You’d rock my world if you subscribed to my YouTube channel.

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