New Tattoos, Shopping & Rain Storms | Bali Vlog 10

Rainy Pool From Above

I can’t believe that I’ve almost come to the end of my Bali vlogs.  It’s been really nice still going through all of the footage and photos.  I’d forgotten about the huge rain storm that came rolling in during our last days in Ubud.  It was so loud and heavy, I mean look at the size of those raindrops!  Of course like lunatics myself and Simon went running out into the rain to take pictures of it.  I kinda wish we went swimming in it too, but it was nice to enjoy a cup of tea in dry clothes and just watch it rain.

Rainy Pool Rain Drop Splash

In this vlog I also take you along to getting our tattoos in Ubud!  I think I need to do a separate post on getting a tattoo abroad and how to apply some common sense to these situations.  Be warned, there is a close up, but you can’t really see the needles, but just in case you’re a bit squeamish, just cover your eyes for a few minutes.  They weren’t that painful, I’d more pain from lying on my hip – my right hip still holds a bit of left over injuries etc.  I love the result.  Again I’ll do a proper post with some close up shots.

Simon Getting A Tattoo Half Finished Tattoo

We managed to get a bit of souvenir shopping done too, winner.  So a bit of pottering and silliness there.  Then there was the tiny gecko in our room.  It was so incredibly tiny – it fitted on the side of a tablet box.  Cute.

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2 thoughts on “New Tattoos, Shopping & Rain Storms | Bali Vlog 10

    1. They are awesome, so chuffed with the results. Yes you do. Although I’m way behind on all of my reading and stuff too. Slowly getting caught up!

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