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Jester Custom Watch

When the lovely Donna got in touch on behalf of Jester Watch, to chat about the campaign that Jester Watch are running to raise funds for the Rainbow Fund – which is a grant giving fund for LGBT/HIV community groups in Brighton & Hove, I was all ears.  Having lived in Brighton for over a decade and of course, I attended my fair share of Pride weekends – I was even in the parade once! Well I sat in a car before the parade started…then the actual fabulous drag queens got in and I had to get out….so I was almost in the parade!  So this is a cause I am very much interested in supporting – I’ve donated in the past and again this year. 

Pride 2007

Back to the point of this post.  Jester Watch have created two exclusive PRIDE watches in the iconic rainbow colours.  With every PRIDE watch purchased 20% is donated to the Rainbow Fund.  Which is rather wonderful all by itself.  There’s an added bonus – use the code Pride10 to get 10% off, which can be used across the site!  Shall we take a moment to look at these wonderfully colourful watches, I mean how cool!  We all know I love my colour, but these are just fabulous.

Pride Watch One Jester Watch Pride Watch Two Jester Watch

Jester Watch offered me the opportunity to create my own watch and although the PRIDE watches are amazing, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to create my own watch – which is half of the fun surely.  After playing for about an hour, I went with a mint dial, yellow bezel, dark blue case, purple buckle and a mint tail.  Well you can see it in the pictures below!   I love how it’s turned out.

It’s a really nice size, I’m a fan of slightly chunkier watches, they just suit me better – well in my opinion.  With the bonus of multiple colours, well I’m a big fan of the Jester watch – my very own colourful creation.  So if you’re reading this after the campaign has ended – well I’d recommend checking out Jester watches and creating your own – or getting a friend a gift card to do their own!  If you’re reading it before Pride weekend 4th-6th August, I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to get your watch and support the charity, especially if you can’t make it to the parade!

Wearing Jester Custom Watch

Please note, I have not been paid for this post, this is a cause I believe is worth supporting and I think buying a colourful watch is a nice way to do it.  All opinions are my own.

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