Into the Woods

So it was my birthday recently, you may have read my post Celebrating Another Year! So I decided for my birthday I would go for a nice forest walk and generally just chill out.  It was a glorious day and we went to Arger Fen & Spouse’s Vale.  I brought my camera and switched it to manual and basically strolled around the woods with Simon taking photos of anything that caught my eye.  I even experimented with macro photography.  It was fun and I know I’m still learning, but I thought I would share my favourite photos with you.

There is something wonderfully calming walking in the woods, it was so peaceful – even though there were a few people also enjoying a walk on this beautiful day!  We may have had a few childish moments along the way – gotta have some fun! We played poo sticks, Simon won twice, I’m convinced he cheated!

I love how the sun was shining through the trees, I even had a few flares appear – I’m a fan.  I really enjoyed wandering around playing with my camera again, I don’t do it often enough at all.  I want to upgrade to a DSLR at some point – for now my Canon G7Xii works entirely fine and I do need more practice with manual settings as well as photo editing.  I’m just pleased I’m getting out while the sunshine is still about!

I think the berries is my favourite shot.  I had to play with the macro settings and zoom right in without falling over – I was squatting down, so was a bit wobbly.  It turned out well though! The more I get outside, the better I feel.  I’m indoors all day working, generally on my own.  So I need to keep an eye on my mental health and get outside so I don’t become lost in myself.

If you fancy getting caught up on what I’ve been up to, I’ve a new vlog up – you can see our adventures in the woods, there was more silly behaviour!  As well as seeing Meg again too – the best dog.  You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like!

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