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Howdy!  I’ve been using a bullet journal now for a few months and I have picked up a few layouts that help me plan both my work and personal life, as well as plan out my youtube and blog content.  So for those of you that need to keep a track of everything, I thought I’d show you my monthly set up.

I’ve been using the Rhodia A5 Dot Boutique Rhodiarama Notebook* and I’m a fan, its a soft back notebook, which I prefer with my notebooks.  It has only one page marker though, I’d prefer two.  I also bought this in the sale and at the time it was cheaper than the official one.  They both work in the same fashion.  Of course I had to add stickers! I bought these 3D Sugar Skull stickers* from Hobbycraft, I may have a growing addiction to Hobbycraft.  The washi tape is from the Mermaid Splash Washi Tape set*.

I keep my title pages pretty simple, a wee bit of a doodle and some washi tape.  Both of the washi tapes are from the Into The Woods Washi Tape Pack*.  It’s likely going to feature heavily through Autumn!

I’ve used a Sharpie Pen* for all layout and writing.  Nothing overly fancy – the colouring pencils?  WHSmith Assorted Colours, did I mention that I’m not fussed about spending a fortune on the pens etc.  These work grand for me to add some colour to my day – plus I’m not massively artistic, so I’d rather buy colourful washi tape and stickers!

Now on to the monthly spread!

I’ve split my list, I use the Personal side for any meetings, life stuff and all anything I might need to remember. The YouTube & Blogging side is my content planning side.  For September Goals, I’ve all the stats I want to hit for the month, Project Tasks – I’ve a number of big projects and each month I’ll pull out tasks I need to complete.  The last section is for any courses I want to take that month – for example the Brighton SEO is on this month, I’ll definitely want to sit in on that.

Ideas Section

I’ve added in a YouTube & Blog Ideas section – I do one of these every few months and then use it as a reference point.  I put out diagrams, make lists and generally just keep track of all things I want to remember and plan.  Does was it says on the page!

Weekly Spread

I’m a fan of boxes clearly! I use this to transfer over what tasks I definitely need to do that week – put them in a day if I can.  I also list work tasks and Blogging/YouTube tasks – they may not be specific to a day but I definitely have to get them done that week, so I put them in there.  The Big Ideas section is a note area for me to make a list of things I have to remember for next week.

With each day I have a habit tracker at the bottom.  I’ve 4 pint glasses of water I aim to drink, a little yoga figure in downward dog to remind me to practice everyday, a clock for meditation and a square to colour in if I’ve done my daily reading!

I really like this weekly spread, it helps me manage the mix of tasks I have to do.  Plus I add in any meetings I have.  The washi tape down the side is also from the Into The Woods Washi Tape Pack*.  The Big Ideas washi tape is also from Hobbycraft but it’s was in a clearance section!  The rainbow stickers for the work and blogging section are from Dorkface Shop on Etsy, aren’t they fab?!

Daily Spread

This one is pretty simple.  I put the day and date at the top of a section and then take whatever tasks I’ve made a note of from the weekly spread, then I’ll add in any other details I need, plus any other tasks I need to do that day – or I’ll have split up my work/blogging tasks from those sections.  Plus meetings or activities I have booked in.  Basically it’s my day in detail.  I tend to do these at the end of the previous day – for example I’ll plan Monday on Sunday night.  It helps me sleep knowing I don’t have to remember anything and I know what I have coming up.

Don’t forget you can pin this for later – look at me finally getting that organised, yep it took a while!  Or you can watch me plan it all out in the video below – don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the bell to get updates when videos go live!

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