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I don’t know about you, but I’m a picker.  I’ve managed to break the habit of biting my nails, but I do still find myself picking at my nails.  I tend to keep my nails painted to stop me, which does work.  Although every now and then I need to just prevent myself from picking.  How do I do this?  By putting on a fabulous pair of nails!  Win!  Also every now and then my nails will become quite peely (technical term there) and will break very easily – I think it’s from the years of damage.  So I pop on false nails then too, just to give my nails a break while still looking fabulous.  Also when I’m lazy and I’ve an event coming up? Yep, false nails then too.

I should point out, I’m not a fan of faffing with glue etc, I like to make the process as easy as possible, plus I’d make a mess.  This is why I have a stash of stick on nails.  I was recently sent some of the new collection from imPress nails – I discovered this brand years ago and became a fan.  So I thought I’d show you how I apply them, they really are very simple and so much handier than using glue, seriously people.

Step One

Empty the contents of the box all over your flat surface.  Then check which false nails fit each finger – laying them out to make it easy for yourself.  The tabs that you pull off are at the base of the nail.

Step Two

OK, time to apply.  The kit comes with an orange stick to help sort your cuticles beforehand – I recommend doing this, it helps the nails look more natural and apply better.  Then I use the wipe to remove any oils from my nail and give them a good clean.  This provides a good base for the glue – I’ve skipped this in the past, not a good idea, my nails didn’t last as long at all.

Now it’s just a case of pressing the nails on.  Once I’ve peeled off the plastic protector, I then line up the base – make sure you also check the nail is on straight!  Then I hold it in place for a minute, pressing down in the centre and edges of the nail.  Make sure they’re well and truly stuck.   Repeat for all nails!  Bit of a tip here – leave your thumbnails until the very end, you’re going to need them for peeling and faffing.  So best to leave them until the end.  Once you’ve done all of your nails you’ll notice the little square bit that sticks out at the end, bit annoying.  So use the little file that’s included to get rid of that.

That’s it!  These tend to last at least a week on me, sometimes longer if I’m careful.  These feel quite natural on the nails – I’ve had gels done in the past and these feel way better than the gels.  They’re not to thick on the end and I can still use the ends of my fingers!  Although if I had longer versions, this may not be the case.  I also don’t feel like these might pop off with the slightest bit of pressure, they’re well and truly stuck.  Just make sure you spend a wee bit of time when applying to press down, it’s worth it.  Unlike gels, I don’t feel that my entire nail will rip off if if gets caught – my friend shared a horror story and it’s put me of having gel extensions for life.

There are often duplicate sizes when you have sets like these – so if you have left over duplicates that fit, keep them.  You can always use them as accent nails with other sets!

The set I’m wearing is the Impress So Unexpected*, such a nice nude shade and I love the different accent nails.  I went with just the index fingers.  I will be keeping the rest.  I was also sent the Impress Power Up*, which has this lovely burgundy and glittery gold combo, so perfect for Autumn!  The last set is Impress Flash Mob*, I love writing on the nails and again with the glitter! Win.

Have you used stick on nails in the past? Are you a fan?  I’m really looking forward to trying out the Power Up set next.  I’m starting to feel the Autumn vibes.  Which are your favourite set?  Feel free to pin this for later if you want to quick look.  Can you see what the picking has done to my fingers! Disgrace.  Hooray for fake nails to stop that picking for the next week anyway and to break the habit for a while.

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