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I’m on a bit of a nail kick lately.  After giving my nails a bit of a break, they’ve gotten a bit longer and stronger – hooray for stick on nails – you can read my post all about the Excellent Fake Nails From ImPress.  With my nicely strong nails, I decided to do some simple nail art to make me feel fancy.  Something to point out – I wanted fancy nails minus too much hassle.

What you’ll need for this fabulously simple nail art | your main nail colour, I used the Leighton Denny Maneater  | accent colour, I went with this stunning red, Leighton Denny Caught Red Handed | nail tape* | top coat | scissors and twisters.

Once you’ve applied two coats of your main nail colour and it has definitely dried, you need to cut short strips of nail tape and apply it in any way you fancy.  I decided to go with just an accent nail – I don’t care if people say accent nails are dead, I still love them!

Once your tape is on, it’s time to apply your accent colour.  I went with two coats to make sure it was fully opaque.  You need to make sure it is thoroughly dried, completely, totally and utterly.  Once that has dried, you simply remove the tape in reverse order!  The last bit of tape on is the first bit of tape off.  I use the tweezers when handling the tape as it’s a bit fiddly, you might not need to.  I cannot stress enough that you need to make sure those nails are dry, otherwise you have pull marks and smudging, it ruins it all.  Watch a YouTube video or something to distract yourself while you wait.

Nail Art

Once you’ve removed all of the tape, you just apply your top coat!  In my case I used a clear base coat, I’ve started using the same one for both and it seems to work fine.  I used the Bourjois So Perfect Correcting Base Coat*.  Once everything had dried I then cleaned up around my nails with a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover.  That’s it!  All done, ta-da!

Finished Nail Art

I quite like how it turned out, simple but effective.  Plus it wasn’t too much of a faff.  Winner all round there I reckon.  If you’d like to see a short how-to video on this you can check out the video below.  You can even subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you fancy – it’d make my day.

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