Airport Beauty & Stationery Haul

I don’t know about you, but when I have to travel and I’m feeling a bit emotional, I feel the need to buy things to bring me comfort.  This is not a good coping mechanism, I don’t recommend it.  So on a recent trip home for sad circumstances, I found myself wandering around Stansted airport – somewhere I’d never flown from before.  I discovered HEMA.  A shop that seems to sell all sorts of everything!  Seriously!  From clothes and makeup to stationary and food with lots of other random items thrown in!  I may now be in love with this shop, but we’ll talk about that later.

Let’s do a quick run down of the stationary, I picked up a flowery pencil case* and a colourful bigger pencil case – perfect for all my colouring pencils.  I also thought it sensible to update my pens and got this set of 12 fineliners*.  Stationery covered.  I then moved onto the makeup section of Hema. I went with a Quick Dry Top Coat*, a Long Lasting Nail Polish 406*, the Ultimate Lash Catcher Mascara* and a Bye Bye Eye Makeup Remover Oil*.  I’ve tried the polish – undecided, another test needed.  The mascara – I’m a fan, same with the oil, expect a review on all things Hema.

When I was flying back from Belfast, my flight was delayed and I was already there an hour earlier than needed…so ya know, shopping.  I came across Green Angel, it’s another brand I’d not heard much about and of course I thought this was the perfect opportunity to investigate!  Plus I’m out of face cream.

I decided to try the Seaweed Daily Moisture Face Cream and the Seaweed Face Mask, they felt great when I tested them out, so fingers crossed. I also got a sample of the Seaweed & Collagen face cream, Seaweed night cream and Seaweed body lotion.  So lots of testing out ahead!

There you have it, those are all the bits I picked up going through the airports while left unattended!  It is fun discovering new shops, I always get so excited!  As always you can check out the video below if you fancy and you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel too, cause ya know, you rock!

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