Autumn Days LookBook

OK so Autumn is most definitely here, I  mean we’re surrounded by trees changing colour and cooler (often wetter) days.  I’m always in two minds with Autumn, the older I’ve gotten the more I prefer the idea of Autumn than the actual thing.  Well, mostly.  I enjoy the fresh breeze, the changes in colour and the need to wear warm clothes!  You can keep the rain and the shorter days.

I’ve decided to help myself adjust to Autumn, I’m going to get out more and switch off from work.  I’ve been digging out my old cameras, this one is a favourite, it’s an Olympus Trip 35mm.  It takes beautiful pictures.  I even get a wee bit of light leak.  Perfect.  So getting outside more and taking more walks, requires cosy, comfy clothes, quirky bag and good walking boots.

Simply Be got in touch and asked me to pick out a few bits, I decided I needed some new shirts.  First this check shirt*, I’m a fan of the long length, hooray for covering my butt! Win!  The sleeves also roll up and button if I want them out of the way.  I paired it with my new bootcut jeans* from Next, they’re so comfy.  To keep me warm is this rather wonderful Regatta Brienna Jacket*, it’s insulated and the hood is all fleecy, it has kept me dry quite a few times now.  Plus you’ll not lose me on a grey day!  To help me through the mud are my trusty Mountain Warehouse Astronomy walking boots*.  I have had them almost entirely covered in mud and been rained on for a good hour, my feet stayed toasty and dry.

I finished it off with my Jester Watch and this rather excellent From Belo, I’m so in love with these bags.  They’re launching later this month, so keep your eyes peeled, don’t worry I’ll let you know when they’re available.

The things we do to get close up shots…yes I am wearing Gryffindor socks, yes I am ridiculous for taking silly pictures and yes I have a ridiculous husband that takes silly photos of me.  Normal.

My second outfit is more for pottering about town.  This shirt is also from Simply Be – you can check out the shirt selection for yourself in their tops and shirt section.  I’m a fan of this denim wrap shirt, it embodies the comfy and stylish aspect I like.  I definitely need a top underneath to prevent bra flashing. No one needs to see that.

I discovered this Clarks boots in an outlet, absolute bargain and again with the fluffy, cosy aspect.  Aren’t they fab?!  I’ve done lots of pottering in these, in fact I wore them on a recent trip home and my feet didn’t ache after wearing them all day, nor did I feel the need to take them off on my flight to give my feet a break.

I bought the first skirt in quite some time and it’s a mini!  I got this black cord mini skirt* from Next.  It’s easy to wear and I will undoubtedly pair it with jumpers as the weather gets colder…wouldn’t it be nice if it just stayed this cold?  I’m already freezing.

For accessories, I went with my Claudia Made This necklace, Armani watch, rose heart bracelet, yellow tights and of course another fabulous bag From Belo – did I mention that the bags can go from shoulder bag to backpack just my unzipping the strap? I know right, pretty snazzy.  This is the perfect outfit for wandering, whether that’s shopping or just enjoying an Autumnal day out.  I’ve a funny feeling I’ll be adding a scarf to this outfit soon.

Maybe Autumn won’t be too bad?  Maybe it’ll just be more cold than wet?  That would be nice.  If not, at least I’ve my shiny new coat to keep me dry.

I put together a fun lookbook video if you fancy a watch, I decided to have a bit of a laugh with it!  Having a silly husband helps with that!  If you also fancied subscribing to my YouTube channel, you’d make my day, it can be your good deed for the day!

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