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So I may be on a budget, but I fancied updating my makeup and beauty in general to go with the change in seasons, so I did! I did it within budget too, so ya know, no guilt.  Let’s start with hair – I’m dying to change it entirely so I’m going with purple and silver.

First I’m going to hopefully remove most of the colour using the Colourless Hair Colour Remover Max Condition*, fingers crossed.  I’ve already been washing out the colour as much as possible with shampoo dye removers, they’re a bit meh but slowly working.  For the main colour I’ve decided to go with this vibrant purple, Colour Freedom Mystic Purple*, I’ve actually bought 3 boxes of this to cover 3/4s of my hair.  I’m aiming for silver so I’m going with Schwarzkopf Live Metallics Metallic Silver*, Schwarzkopf tends to work will for me, so fingers crossed!

I was dying to try The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin line, but ya know budget. So I went with a hand cream..or three.  Hooray for outlet offers!  So I went with The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream*, Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream* and Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream*, just in case I grew tired of one scent.

The Body Shop Handcream

So for the makeup fun.  I was feeling the Autumn vibes when I spotted this MUA Pro Eyeshadow Palette* in Fire Vixen, I mean just look at those shades.  The second eyeshadow palette is a Sleek palette I had my eye on for a while, it’s Palette Enchanted Forest*. Nice alternative Autumnal shades.

I’m trying to find a new foundation to rock my socks and I’m a fan of GOSH, so I thought I’d try the X-Ceptional Wear Foundation*, fingers crossed.  Another face thing I’m excited about is the Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette*, a girl can never have too much highlighter!

The last thing is this beautiful perfume from Eden Perfumes.  I have the scent 79, which is basically Chanel Chance.  They basically create vegan versions of perfumes.  They’re spot on as well, when I smell 79, it smells like every bottle of Chance that I’ve purchased over the years. It may not last as long, however, at £15 for 50ml in store, I’m not complaining and I will happily top this up whenever!  Plus I can get the bottle refilled in store for £13.  It’s a bit more expensive online, but still much cheaper.  Worth checking out.

So that’s it for the haul!  Nothing too spendy but it makes me very happy! I’m already testing things out, so expect reviews in the upcoming weeks!  This little haul has lit my blogging fire again.    You can check out the video below if you fancy, or ya know, subscribe to my YouTube channel!  It might just make my day!

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