Where the hell have I been?


It’s been about a month hasn’t it! I can’t believe it! I’ve been flat out to be honest, life has been hectic.  If you’ve not been keeping up with the vlog you’re probably entirely lost.  Recommend popping over to the ole YouTube channel to subscribe and keep up, I have posted a few vlogs at least.

So let’s catch up!  I have been travelling about with work, I’ve been to Philadelphia, my first time in America!   Yes I did visit Sephora, CVS and other beauty places.  Those ticked off, more importantly I got to see Rocky!!  We did the steps too.  I was really lucky that a friend was there too – similar interests and similar height – important for lots of walking!

We had a great time wandering around and laughing.  Seriously, I’d an utterly wonderful time in Philly – I’d two days to myself and two days of working, plus the travelling.  Not a bad few days.   I just couldn’t get over the size of everything, from the buildings to the food!  We were very stereotypical tourist fashion, I spent a large amount of time saying – “That’s so America”…then pissing myself laughing.  Yep.

Then comes in the whole fun of moving house!  We found a new house to live in, yes it’s a rental but it’s perfect for us as we’re not sure where we want to live long term.  It’s a beautiful wee two bed house in a small town.  It’s closer to work for Simon too.  Did I mention that I’ve taken over the second bedroom and it’s MY NEW OFFICE!  I cannot explain how much of a big deal it is for me to have my own workspace.  A year into my freelance, self-employed life, I have a proper office.  It has a door I can close at the end of the working day!  It’s great getting up and getting sorted, then after breakfast and a suitable amount of tea, I pop into my office and get on with my work for the day.  I’ve learnt I need a dedicated space so I can get in the right mind set.  Plus there is a stunning view from the room, so I like to take a wee break at sunset to look out over the beautiful colours.

To be honest the move has taken up so much time it’s unreal.  It took us weeks to get moved in, by the time we picked up keys, moved in our bits, then picked up our belongings from storage in Brighton, then came Ikea.  We’ve gotten rid of the final bag of rubbish from the move this weekend!  How ridiculous.

Healthy Business Hub

Something else that happened – I did my first talk!! In front of actual people! There were about 25 people there and I was supposed to talk for 20minutes but it was more like 30minutes by the time I answered questions and tried to give as much useful information as possible.  There was still so much to discuss.  It was at The Healthy Business Hub, focusing on how to get started on Social Media – which is more what I do for work…well where my business started, I used to train folks on how to use their social platforms for their businesses.  So it was great to go back over it and update it all for the latest updates.  I was so nervous I cannot explain.  I was shaking and I’m sure I didn’t cover everything I wanted, it all passed in a blur but I’d people in the audience confirm I’d covered everything and a few wanted consultations and some others want to take my course!  (More on that another time).   So it was a roaring success and I’d love to do it again.

I think that brings us up to date.  So why no blog posts or well, much of anything.  I was just overwhelmed and life needed to take priority.  I’m now slowly getting a handle again – let’s see where we are after Christmas.  I’ve a new vlog up today, so you can always check that out – go on, subscribe to my YouTube channel, I’m more likely to post a video than a blog post.

So we’re back in business, I’ve a haul from America coming soon – yes I’ve not touched my stuff from Philly, the joy of blogger life!  OK lies, I used a mascara and liquid lip, I had to.  I’ve also a massive skincare update coming – I’ve been testing so many products I’ve been using from around July time, so I’m due some reviews lol.  Work is getting more busy by the week and 2018 is looking hectic.  We will figure out this scheduling thing, one day!  Thanks for catching up, how have you been?  What have you been up to in the last month?  Hope you’re keeping well!


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