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Hooray, we’ve made it through January in one piece!  This month has flown by for me, although obviously it dragged here and there…time has a way of doing that when you’re waiting for exciting things!  OK, reining in the waffle, shall we get stuck into the things I’ve been loving lately?  Excellent, good shout!


Let’s start with me falling back in love with my Holy Grail skincare from Better Skin Formula.  I made the rookie mistake of attempting to finish up lots of different skincare products at once, my skin was not impressed.  Thankfully everything is starting to settle back down now I’m back to using this.  I’ve 4 different oil combinations, a cleansing base and a serum.  It is magic, you need it in your life.


I’ve been playing with all of the awesome makeup, you probably guessed from my GRWM post.  I am officially a fan of the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, it held up so well when we visited Iceland and it generally just helps my skin look a bit better, without looking or feeling heavy on the skin. Definite win.

I have three firm favourite lip products this month.  From Wet n Wild I have two Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks, Rebel Rose* and Berry Recognize*.  I’m a big fan of the Rebel Rose shade, it’s the perfect nude for when I do something dramatic on my eyelids, or if I just fancy a nude for the day – it won’t wash me out!  These are wonderfully creamy and dry down to a nice matte finish without pilling or cracking.  They do wear will but will need topping up after multiple cups of tea, or eating.  They reapply nicely though, so no harm.  The third lippie is a Milani Matte Lipstick in Blissful*.  Now this really stays put, it lasts the cups of tea and food, no worry of transfer with this at all! It’s a great everyday colour too, so absolute win!

I’ve gone back to using liquid eyeliner, this time it’s Jordana Cat Eye Liner in Black Leather. It has a brush tip applicator and applies really nicely.  It is quite opaque but could do with a second coat more often than not.  However, it stays put all day, no worry of transfer, or breaking down.  It’s a great budget friendly liquid liner!

My last makeup favourite is a classic cult item.  The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed.  I can still remember the hype around this product years ago.  It is still utterly awesome.  It suits my fair skin really nicely, perfect as an everyday blush and it goes with practically everything.  I have seen darker skin toned women wear it as well, it just needs to be built up more to get that colour payoff.  The blush lasts well throughout the day.  There’s a reason this was a cult item, it just works so well. Sadly I can only find it in Sephora.  One day Tarte will be more available in the UK, I did search QVC with no luck.


I’ve two books that really stood out this month.  The graphic novel Seven to Eternity Vol.1* written by Rick Remender, illustrated by Jerome Opeña and Matt Hollingsworth.  I loved the story behind this, it really got me thinking about when to get involved in conflict and how we view ourselves.  Plus the graphics are beautiful, they play out the story really well.  The general story is there is a god that can see through your eyes – if you make a deal with him. Of course lots of people did, so he had lots of spies – apart from one clan and they tried to warn people.  Then everyone decided against it, so a war broke out.  The mentioned clan stayed out of it, so were seen as traitors etc.  They’re dragged back in.  It’s a lot more involved than this, but that’s the general gist.  I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the next one.  

My second book is an audiobook (incase you couldn’t guess from the picture). It’s Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman*.  After visiting Iceland I was very keen to listen to this, it lived up to the hype.  Neil kept true to the existing myths and legends and spun wonderful stories.  It left me even more interested in these and I want to lay hands on more of these stories!  The book is also read by Neil, so that’s an added bonus.

Another lifestyle love – crocheting.  I learnt at the end of 2017 and I’m so glad I did!  It’s quite easy to pick up and its a lovely way to spend some time.  It helps me switch off from work, it eases my eyes after staring at a computer screen all day and frankly it’s just fun.  I love that I have something that I have created at the end of it, that I can see physical progress after spending some time with it, that I’m building muscle memory the more I do it.  Basically it’s fantastic for my mental health.  I recommend it to everyone!


I wish I could do a travel favourite each month, sadly I’m just not able.  This month though I am delighted to have Iceland to share!  It was the trip of a lifetime, I’d been aching to go for years.   It was worth the trip, we got to see the Northern Lights, some of the natural sights – Gullfoss waterfall, the Geysir, Kerid Crater, we even spent a few hours hanging out at the Blue Lagoon.  It was just breathtaking.  I fell in love with the landscape, I spent a lot of my time in awe of it all.  You can read my blog post all about it and check out more photos.

Couple Smiles at Geysir

So that’s it for this favourites post! Lots there for you to digest.  What have you loved in January?  What were your stand out moments?  I’d love to know.  Is there a new hobby I should pick up?  I’m trying to learn one new thing every month, so send me your suggestions!


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4 thoughts on “January Favourites | Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel

  1. I’ve heard great thing about those Wet N Wild catsuit lipsticks, I wish we could get them easily in the UK! Rebel Rose looks like a really pretty cooler nude, I bet it could dupe some of Stila’s liquid lipsticks. That picture of you in Iceland is gorgeous, definitely one to frame!

    Lyd @ whatlyddid com

    1. Aw thank you, gotta love the smily photos – I think you’re right, I’ll have to print it off. I’m gutted the Wet N Wild products aren’t available quite so easily, I’m always a bit nervous about ordering beauty products from amazon, however I might have to get a back up of Rebel Rose, it’s such a good nude.

    1. You really do! I was the same to be honest but when I was in Philly, it was very easy to pick it up! Thankfully also available online in most places!

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