April Monthly Catch up!

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I was sitting here having a think, realising I’d not done my monthly catch up!  About time really.  I honestly thought April was a quiet month, with not much happening…turns out I was wrong.  Lots went on, I just simply forgot!  I doubt I’m alone on this front, this is why I quite like doing these monthly catch ups!


So I was in the recent copy of Blogosphere magazine!  Pretty shiny pants.  Lima from Fashionicide mentioned my blog as part of her beauty edit.  I’ve known about it about it for a while – it was actually part of the reason that I gave my blog a bit of a makeover.  Well, it at least gave me the kick up the rear to make the changes I’d been planning for a while.   It was rather awesome to see my blog printed in a magazine.  I’ve had some articles published in the past for various online magazines, but never in print.  It was a bit thrilling if I’m honest!  You might have seen this photo on my Instagram…if you haven’t, why not? Don’t you love me?!  OK, I’m messing, but you can keep up with all the photos over there if you fancy.

Blogosphere Magazine

This month I’ve also been getting back on the PR circuit.  I went along to my first event of the year, the John Lewis Poolside Residence.  That was all kinds of fun and it was lovely to meet some bloggers in person!  I definitely felt incredibly awkward, I used to be kinda good at these things, now I just feel a bit out of place.  Although by the end, I was more comfortable chatting folks.  Good to push the boundaries a bit!


It was rather glorious to see the sun making a return! Especially considering almost the first half of April was mostly rain or fog here.  Seriously.  Thankfully by the end of the month, I was basking in the warm rays, thawing out my bones.  I even spent a few hours working on the blog/vlog outside!  I’m clearly a summer baby, it works wonders for both my body and soul.

I think I actually went to more sound baths in April than ever before!  I managed at least two!  They are glorious, if you’ve never been and are open to the idea, or even if you’re just curious, definitely go.  They loosen everything back into place and free your mind.  They also help you get a wonderful night of rest.

Something else rather exciting?  We only went and weeded our garden, mowed the lawn and planted new plants (surprised right).  Did I mention that we also got garden furniture? This is possibly another serious adult life moment!  Having garden furniture.  Who am I?  We even have hanging baskets with strawberries and sweet peas.  It’s not perfect, but it’s so much better.  I mean come on, someone pass me my adulting badge, please.

Garden BeforeGarden After

I’m actually really enjoying looking after our wee garden, seeing things grow.  After living in a flat for a decade, it’s wonderful to have a garden.  One plant I’m particularly excited about? The White Pineapple Flavoured Strawberries!!! Yes, that is correct, White Pineapple Flavoured Strawberries.  I’m not sure why I felt the need to capitalise those words, it just seemed appropriate.  I’m so curious to try these strawberries, they sound incredibly confused.  I mean who comes up with these things?  Maybe they think that we can’t really grow pineapples outside in England, we can, however, grow strawberries, so let’s just change their taste and sure while we’re at it, let’s change the colour too.  Madness I tell you!  I’m still very excited.

Night lights

I’m rather in love with the night lights, we have them on three sides and they are going to be very useful in the warmer months.


I spent a lot of time walking this month, at one point I was walking just over 7 miles a day!  Which is good going for me, especially as I went from trying to hit 10,000 steps to hitting over 15,000 a day. Gooooo team!  Although with great walks comes great responsibility….that doesn’t sound right at all.  I think I entirely over-egged it.

I’ve had a niggling pain since the middle of March.  Some of my adhesions had a bit of a pull when I twisted quickly.  So after some poking and prodding, the conclusion is my endometriosis is thoroughly pissed off.  With all of the walking, pilates and yoga, it would seem I’ve pulled and stretched it too much.  Sadly the pain is now a daily thing and it’s just not much fun!

So no more walking 7 miles a day.  I’m lucky if I hit 7,000 steps!  Pain is tiring.  However, I’ve decided not to go forward with surgery again as it just ends up creating more adhesions and after two rounds of surgery, that’s enough.  I’ve also decided not to eat my bodyweight in painkillers.  They are really not good for your liver/kidneys/long-term health – I’ve had 2 decades of that already thanks.  Instead, I’ve gone with CBD.  I’ve a wee vape, with a blueberry flavoured CBD oil and it’s helping to make everything much more manageable.  I’ve only been using it a few weeks, I’ll let you know in a month if it’s still awesome or if I’ve had to up my dosage.  Hooray for chronic pain being a pain!  See what I did there, god I’m sad lol.

I did spend at least a week grieving the loss of movement and of course the long-term impact, but I think that’s a story for another blog post.

Looking Out The Window

In the end

I feel like I should end on a more positive note.  If it helps I’m actually in very good form!  I’m overjoyed when I get to hang the washing outside to dry in the glorious sunshine (gotta take the small wins people).  I’m also enjoying my work, I’m gradually feeling more in control of that – I’ve news on that front too, but again, a story for another post.  I’m slowly getting back into blog/vlog routines…OK so the odd one might go amiss or be late, but ya know, life!

The sun is becoming more of a regular thing and I’m making plans for my birthday in August and a more exciting trip at the end of the year.  I’ve lots of positive things to balance everything out.  I’m now more grateful than ever that I can still move as much as I can, that I still have as much strength as I do and that I have awesome people in my life that are good eggs.  All in all, April was a pretty awesome month!  Onwards!

2 thoughts on “April Monthly Catch up!

  1. I can’t mock your enthusiasm over garden furniture – I’m desperate to get my hands on some! Just a bit concerned about where we store it when Hurricane Season rolls around again, as our garden space is pretty small as it is…

    And I’m sorry that you’re in so much pain. I hope the CBD routine gives you some relief.


    1. I love my wee garden & furniture, even more exciting – our plants have started to flower now too! Thankfully we don’t have hurricanes to worry about, it’s just rain and we have a bench that also acts as storage to deal with that.

      Thankfully I’m starting to have some positive results from the CBD and adjusting my diet – thank you. Slow progress is still progress 🙂

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