Beauty Empties, Hits & Misses

Empties Close Up 2 June 2018It feels like forever and a day since I’ve gathered all my empties in one place, I started to remember why, the clutter!  Hence this post, I felt the need to declutter!  It’s been quite cathartic to finish up some of these products, they seem to have been lurking for far too long.


From Clarins I’d two samples, Instant Eye Makeup Remover* – which was grand but I prefer other makeup removers – and the Water Purifying One-Step Cleanser – again, this was grand but a micellar water works just as well.  I’ve become more of a fan of oil cleansers for removing my makeup, no need for cotton pads.  While I’m talking samples, I used the Tarte Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost moisturiser.  This is quite a lightweight moisturiser and while it did hydrate my skin, it didn’t really do anything fabulous.  In my head, I was expecting plump, glowy skin but it didn’t.  It didn’t cause any irritation or clog my skin but it just didn’t do great things for me.

I have an “On The Go” size Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water finally finished up, this was handy when I was travelling.  It’s a go to, I think everyone has tried it at some point.

From the Better Skin Formula I managed to finish up a travel size and a full size of the cleansing base. I love this skincare above everything else, seriously.  I’ve raved about it in my Holy Grail Skincare post, it rocks.  Unsurprisingly I’ve already started a new tub of my cleansing base.  I’ve also used up a tincture of the Better Skin Formula’s 50/50 Serum, again it rocks and I’ve started a new one.

Empties Close Up 3 June 2018

A brand I randomly discovered at the airport – Green Angel.  I picked a few products to try, surprising right?!  I’ve become a real fan of the Seaweed Daily Moisture Face Cream, it’s lightweight, absorbs nicely, doesn’t clog my face and leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft.  This also worked really well for my husband’s dry skin, including his psoriasis.  I’m hoping to buy this again in future so I can alternate between my 50/50 serum and this moisturiser.   I also had a sample of the Seaweed & Collagen Face Cream and this was too heavy for my skin and really clogged it up.

I’ve finished up an Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C all day creme.  Another lightweight moisturiser and this was a lovely day cream, perfect for warmer months.  Sadly it’s no longer available but I did enjoy it.  A day cream that I wasn’t as keen on, the Elemis Superfood Day Cream*.  It clogged my skin and I got spots every time I used this cream, which is a shame it seems to work for lots of other people.

A treatment oil that I would like to repurchase in future is the Samaya Kapha Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil.  This was a firm favourite for months, it saved my skin in Bali.  I raved about it in my 6 Month Skincare Update & Review, in fact, I talked about quite a few of the skincare products in more depth.  Including the NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy, I very nearly wept when I finished this.  I loved this eye cream, I think it was partially magic.  It seemed to have a magical impact on the skin around my eyes.  Brightened, tightened, improved the texture, loved it.  I’m trying out a different eye cream at the minute which just doesn’t compare.

Empties Sleepy

Body Care

I’ve been using the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion most nights on my hands and arms in a bid to help with my sleep.  It didn’t really do much to help on that front, I did enjoy the scent and the lotion itself, but when my sleep was off, this didn’t do anything sadly.  Although I do know some folks have experienced an improvement in their sleep.

I always take great delight in finishing a lipbalm, it often feels like they last forever!  I’ve a Meraki Mint Lip Balm finally finished!! Whoop!  I did enjoy this lipbalm, if I find it in future I would repurchase it.

Speaking of things that last forever, this Umberto Giannini Frizzi hair oil lasted for ages!  I only ever used two pumps and ran it through the ends of my hair while it was still damp and it helped my hair maintain some decent condition.  I loved this so much!  Perfect for my fluffy fly away hair, I’m so sad it’s gone.  Even worse?  I can’t find it online!! The Umberto Giannini lines have changed, so I might just have to try some of their new products.

Empties Close Up June 2018


So only a few bits finished.  The Seventeen Stay Time concealer* in extra fair.  I did like this concealer, although it did become a bit grey for me, I might try it again in future.  The second concealer is the Flormar Perfect Coverage, which I loved!  I used this for far too long, I did manage to scrape a lot of it from the tube, sadly it’s hard to get my hands on a replacement, maybe the next time I’m in Europe I’ll hunt down another tube. It is that good!

Lastly, the Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Waterproof mascara*.  I really like this, but mascara is a very personal thing as I’ve learnt over the years!  It worked well while I was dealing with the humidity in Bali.

Empties June 2018

If you fancy you can watch the empties video below!  Whichever suits you.   It’s like a TLDR 🙂

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