Blogosphere Summer Party Fun!

Blogosphere Summer Party

The party was held at the Lumiére London in the stunning gallery…I want to move in now, can someone please arrange that? K thanks!  I was there a tad early, so I managed to get a few snaps of the space.  Isn’t it stunning?  Dotted about were chocolates from Godiva, they were divine..tried to resist eating […]

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Worth a read!

Love Style Life

Now I’m not one for doing book reviews, even if I’m a trained librarian and spent a few happy years in the stacks…I may also read a lot.  However, I’ve never done a book review on here,  they’ve definitely popped up in favourites, but no review.   This book is different.   If you are […]

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Black & White Only

Zara Coat

I was stranded in Belfast with only my snowboarding coat & I was quickly overheating.  I had popped into a few other shops but none of their coats or jackets appealed.  Thank god for Zara!  I fell in love with this coat as soon as I put it on.  Isn’t it stunning.  I love the […]

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Beauty Evolution, Surviving my 20s

Beauty Evolution

This is a bit of a different post.  I wanted to share my journey through my twenties, my beauty and style evolution.  I have some excellent memories with some great friends and some not so excellent, but they all join up to make me the person I am now.  The beauty and style of my […]

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Chilly Styling

Woolly hat

I don’t know about you but I am still feeling the chill in the air!  It’s hard to layer up and still have a touch of style.  I can sometimes manage it, just about!  I love this outfit, generally as I spend most of my time stroking my fabulous faux fur gilet!  I’ve a vest […]

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Colourful Rainy Days

Rain Style

I think the rainy wintery season has finally hit.  It’ll probably last until March at this rate.  So I’m wrapping up and staying cosy.  Big comfy jumpers, scarves, hats, jeans…well you get the idea.  I’ve gone for mostly grey overall with my snuggly new jumper from Romwe and of course my stunning new ankle boots […]

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

I spent Christmas with Simon’s family this year, which was lovely.  We got to relax for a few days, even managing to go on the Boxing day walk for a few hours, followed by a well deserved drink at the end!  A very different Christmas to my family Christmas, for starters there are my siblings […]

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Country Style

Laughing wearing a hat

Who doesn’t love a good walk in the countryside to blow away the cobwebs! Especially if like me you’ve been cooped up for too long because of illness!  To add to the cheer, I got to walk the rather excellent Meg and I got to test out the new hat I was sent to play […]

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One LBD, 3 Parties!?

One Little Black Dress

We’re at the height of the Christmas festivities and there are nights out & parties to be enjoyed.  I suddenly realised that I’ve a few parties to attend this year and I’m reduced to only one Little Black Dress!  This whole minimal thing is hard work!  So time to figure out a few different ways […]

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Q&A and Exciting Updates!


  Hello!  I’ve decided to do my first ever Q&A video & post.  In all the years I’ve been on youtube I’ve never done one, although I’ve come to realise I’m a massive fan of them, I mean come on, who doesn’t like to find out more about the people we follow online! So if […]

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