Makeup Use Up Update 1

Makeup Use Up Part 1 Cover

I thought it was about time for a catch up on my Makeup Use up 2016!  Mostly I’m just excited because I’ve actually used up a few products!  Go me! So let’s start with the products I am trashing.  First is the Sleek Control Shine & Prime* face primer.  I did enjoy this and I […]

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Makeup Use Up 2016

Makeup Use Up

I think it’s the time of year, but I feel the need for a massive declutter and the burning ambition to get my collection under some sort of control.  So I’ve gone through my stash, inspired by all the folks doing the Makeup Use Up for 2016 and I’ve pulled out some products I need […]

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Goth Inspired Eye Look

Goth Inspired Makeup Look

  It is World Goth Day and to commemorate Sophie Lancaster and to raise awareness for the foundation I am taking part on a collaboration with other Irish YouTubers.  It aids in promoting more understanding and respect for the subcultures of our communities.  You can read more about this on the Sophie Lancaster Foundation website.  Now on […]

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A Face of Impressions!

  I’ve been trying out some recent purchases, so I thought it might be fun to do a face of impressions for you!  I have seen some other bloggers do this and it seems the most sensible  way to discuss multiple products in one post!  So let’s start with the eyes.

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New Plans & Tiny Haul….I promise

      OK so things have been haul heavy recently, what can I say, it’s a coping mechanism.  Life is now getting back on track and there will definitely be less – I think I can hear my cards sigh in relief.  First though a bit of an update! The update relates to mostly […]

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