Sheep in the City

July Vlog 2016

Yet another busy week of it, I suppose that’s to be expected! I did manage to squeeze in a few fun things, Meg has finally made another appearance.  That dog brings me such joy!  Also a bit of a chat about creativity and opening up my brain, something you can do too.  Did I mention […]

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Good news everybody!

Good News

This week has been all about getting stuff done.  I had such a productive week, I may have lacked enough sleep to get me through the week… although in good news, I did it intact AND nobody died!  Massive win.  I got to hang out with the ever nutty Meg, that dog is the best […]

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Limited by Lack of Knowledge?

Lacking Knowledge

Have you ever felt limited by your lack of knowledge?  That you are working through thick custard, just to make a few changes to your routines?  This is me at the minute and it is so frustrating.   I want to spend time learning new skills and get them implemented, which takes quite a bit of […]

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Stop motion madness & making a mess

Brighton Sunshine

  Bit of a fun but hectic week.  I got to play around with some stop motion, an hour of taking photos resulted in 1min 29secs.. I know, but it was great fun.  The post on that will be up soon!  I did have some videos to get recorded but thankfully I got to enjoy […]

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