Full Time Freelance | How to Find Clients

Freelancing. How to Find Clients

Since starting this freelancing series, I have been asked repeatedly – How do you find your clients?  So I thought today I would aim to answer as best as possible based on my own experience.  You can read the first post Becoming A Boss and the second Surviving for a quick catch up if you like.  Right […]

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Full time Freelance | Surviving

Freelance One Month Update

I’ve officially been freelancing a month now, I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.  I’m pleased to say I’m still intact and surviving…well just about.  It’s time for a wee bit of an update and I wanted to answer one of the questions from the first post in this series.

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Full time freelance? What to expect

What to expect when you become a freelancer full time

I’ve recently become a full time freelancer, which is pretty new and exciting and petrifying.  I thought I’d create an entrepreneur/freelance series and share my journey with you and maybe help some of you…or at least give you something to chuckle at!  So I thought I’d share the first five things that I’ve experienced thus […]

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Life, Career and Travel chats!

Life, Career, Travel cover

So we are due a bit of a catch up!  I’ve some work stuff, career goals, travel plans and life in general!  So let’s get suck in shall we.  First let’s start with work as it’s the main one at the minute.  I finish up my current contract with work at the end of December! […]

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We left the flat!

Leaving the house

It’s been a busy few days on the entrepreneurial front.  Basically I’ve been glued to my mac doing lots of things.  I felt so productive, especially with my shiny new desk!  Thankfully we did actually leave the flat at one point, the sun came out briefly before we ended up half drown.  I made my […]

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So in the last few days I’ve had a mini meltdown of sorts.  So all the weeping, self doubt and general need to hide under a stone.  I didn’t want to keep moving forward with my start up, I didn’t know enough, there are people doing it better…all sorts of negative thoughts spinning around my […]

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I’ve Almost Quit

I've Almost Quit

Today would have technically been my last day in work.  Instead it is my last day of being a full time employee!  So it’s closer to my final goal.  There’s lots of reasons behind my decision, so I thought to mark the day, I would share all of this with you!

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If I Can, You Can!


After talking all about the fact that I was quitting my job and changing my career, I received lots of positive comments and well wishes.  I also received both messages and comments from people wishing that they could do the same.  So I thought I should help you realise, that you can totally do what […]

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A rather mental week

Third May weekly Vlog

So it’s been a bit full on this week!  I’ve had so much on, all good things but now seriously!  I had some rather exciting things happen at work, or at least moves in the right direction.  Managed to squeeze in some early morning baking, I decided to test out a gluten free brownie packet.  Irish dancing […]

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Feeling Boxed In? Time for a Change!

Feeling Boxed In, Time for a Change!

I don’t know about you but I always feel the need for a change as the seasons change.  Sometimes it can often feel as though I’m boxed in, or being boxed in!  That frustrating feeling that you want to change something, or try something new but you can’t because of this overwhelming feeling.  That we […]

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