Where the hell have I been?

  It’s been about a month hasn’t it! I can’t believe it! I’ve been flat out to be honest, life has been hectic.  If you’ve not been keeping up with the vlog you’re probably entirely lost.  Recommend popping over to the ole YouTube channel to subscribe and keep up, I have posted a few vlogs […]

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Vlogtober Weekly Highlights & Comments

vlogtober weekly highlights 2

It’s time for our second weekly chat!  I’ve decided to start including some of your comments and answering them and all that fun stuff. I’m also chatting about what my highlights were from the week.  Starting to quite enjoy doing the weekly catch ups, if I’m not careful I might get used to daily vlogging […]

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Vlogtober weekly round up!

vlogtober weekly 1

Time for the first weekly round up of Vlogtober!  Some of my favourite moments and what I’ve enjoyed about the week – yes falling down is in there.  I thoroughly enjoyed having a look back over the week again.

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Vlogmas #4 Please do not get run over!

Vlogmas 4

  The latest instalment of Vlogmas! I have to say I’m quite enjoying doing these.  I did have a quiet few days, but I think that helps me focus on doing more!  So I’ve a few updates on what’s going on and with me in general.  Plus a wee look at our twinkly christmas tree! […]

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Back Next Week!

source Howdy folks! You may have noticed I’ve been a tad quiet on the blogging front, at the very least patchy!  I’m sure you’re all aware of the various upheavals that have gone on recently in my life, throw in some new changes and plans….Well to be short I’m taking time off!  I will be […]

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Normal Service Shall Resume!

Trophy, medals & sash Apologies for lack of posts yesterday, or Friday.  You may remember from my Finding Motivation I mentioned I had the WIDA British Open Championships (Oireachtas) at the weekend.  So even though I had managed to take pictures for posts etc, I just ran out of time to actually write anything!  Below are […]

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