6 Month Skincare Update & Review

Hooray a new post – first of the year in fact.  It’s nice to slowly get back into it.  Today I’m back with a big skincare update, I’ve been trying out lots of different products in the last 6 months and I thought it about time I actually reviewed them for you.  Yes I know, […]

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Chit Chat GRWM

GRWM Cover

As the sun is starting to appear more frequently, I thought it might be fun to do a simple Get Ready With Me style video.  As you can see I’ve kept it quite minimal and I applied most of it with my hands.  I’ve a funny feeling I’ll be wearing similar makeup while in Bali, […]

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Colourful Crease Look | How To

Alternative Valentine's Day Makeup

I decided it would be fun to create an alternative to the normal Valentine’s Day makeup looks, generally soft smoky eyes or a vampy red lip.  So as a fan of colour, I thought a colourful alternative was in order!  I’ve done this as part of a collab with Lima from fashioncide – her look is […]

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Clinique Beauty Evening

Clinique UK Beauty Evening

Last week I was invited along to a beauty evening with Clinique, which was much needed if I’m honest!  I’d been having an “interesting” week, drowning in work and having construction work going on…let’s just say it was a very welcome break.  It was a small gathering, made smaller by the fact that a few […]

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Beauty Empties #7

Empties #7

I’m back with a whole heap of empty products, some I’ve talked about before, so of course I will like to those reviews as I go.  Shall we start with skin care?  Good.  I’ve another empty Garnier Micellar cleansing water*, of course I’ll repurchase.  I also finally used up my La Roche Posay Serozinc*, I […]

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Makeup Use Up Update 1

Makeup Use Up Part 1 Cover

I thought it was about time for a catch up on my Makeup Use up 2016!  Mostly I’m just excited because I’ve actually used up a few products!  Go me! So let’s start with the products I am trashing.  First is the Sleek Control Shine & Prime* face primer.  I did enjoy this and I […]

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Makeup Use Up 2016

Makeup Use Up

I think it’s the time of year, but I feel the need for a massive declutter and the burning ambition to get my collection under some sort of control.  So I’ve gone through my stash, inspired by all the folks doing the Makeup Use Up for 2016 and I’ve pulled out some products I need […]

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Everyday Makeup Look!

Everyday Makeup Look

I’ve been reaching for similar products recently, for those days when I’m in a rush and just want to get my face on, but still look “put together”.  I have it down to a fine art, taking only about 20mins while drinking my tea.

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Goth Inspired Eye Look

Goth Inspired Makeup Look

  It is World Goth Day and to commemorate Sophie Lancaster and to raise awareness for the foundation I am taking part on a collaboration with other Irish YouTubers.  It aids in promoting more understanding and respect for the subcultures of our communities.  You can read more about this on the Sophie Lancaster Foundation website.  Now on […]

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A Face of Impressions!

  I’ve been trying out some recent purchases, so I thought it might be fun to do a face of impressions for you!  I have seen some other bloggers do this and it seems the most sensible  way to discuss multiple products in one post!  So let’s start with the eyes.

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Beauty Empties!

Time to dig through my trash from December!  I’m actually proud of myself that I’ve finished up a few skin care items!  Go team! So shower stuff first! I finished up the Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of these, I ended up with build on my hair and scalp […]

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Working From Home, A Day in The Life

Working From Home Morning! Only a week ago I was working from home, mostly due to illness.  I thought I would share “a day in the life of”, just to give you a glimpse.  Nothing depressing here, but I thought I could show you how I cope and how I actually manage to get some […]

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August Beauty Empties

Beauty Empties How proud am I, more makeup empties for the month of August!  I’m patting myself on the back anyway 🙂 Random Beauty Empties I’m going to start with the random beauty favourites, first up the hair dyes that I’ve been playing with.  Both are from Schwarzkopf Color XXL, the Ultra Brights is semi […]

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February Empties!

February Empties Time for my empties from last month and I’m excited to say that I have a few makeup empties again! Random Empties Let’s start with the boring stuff.  I have an empty cotton wool oval face pads from boots, these worked fine, nice & soft, some cotton wool balls also from boots, I’ve […]

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Makeup & Skin care, High-End & Drugstore Haul!

Mixed haul So these are a few of the bits that I picked up in the month of February.  I did get a voucher for boots so I unsurprisingly spent it!  Plus some samples and a few product replacements…I may have bought some additional bits but I spent about £10 so, nothing too bad! Lets […]

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My Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care So as you can see I use quite a few different products to look after my skin.  You probably guessed after reading my post on Too Much Exfoliating, that my skin has really dried out and it was generally not particularly happy! So lets dive in with Cleansers Winter Cleansers For morning […]

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Too Much Exfoliating!

Exfoliators So I  may have got a bit excited on the exfoliating front recently.  My skin wasn’t particularly happy at the start of the month, between being sick and not looking after my skin properly, I was having breakouts and all sorts.  In my genius I upped my use of chemical exfoliators.  Most of these […]

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Clinique Take the Day Off Review

Clinique Take the Day Off I’ve been using this lovely cleanser for about a month, every single day.  I generally use it in the evenings and continue to use my Emma Hardie cleansing balm in the morning. I find this cleansing balm really good at breaking down my makeup, more so that my EH.   […]

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