Beauty Empties #7

Empties #7

I’m back with a whole heap of empty products, some I’ve talked about before, so of course I will like to those reviews as I go.  Shall we start with skin care?  Good.  I’ve another empty Garnier Micellar cleansing water*, of course I’ll repurchase.  I also finally used up my La Roche Posay Serozinc*, I […]

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August Favourites!

August Makeup Beauty Favourites

I’ve some wonderful new additions this month and a marvellous rediscoveries.  This month I bought new skin care, I repurchased the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm*, this is a great evening cleanser, removing all traces of makeup and leaving my skin lovely & soft.  I’ve been trying out the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* in the […]

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August High End & High Street Beauty Buys

Beauty Buys

It was my birthday in August, so I may have treated myself to the odd nice item this month and a tiny spurge.  Obviously because it was my birthday, while I was in Dublin  I did pick up a few items that you can’t pick up in the UK.    I repurchased my Botanics Cleansing […]

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January Empties

January Empties! So let’s get the candles out of the way.  I had a plain Vanilla candle from evolution in Brighton, it’s a beautiful smelling candle and I will repurchase.  From Glade I had a spiced apple & something candle, this made me sneeze a lot.  The scent was a tad over powering, I won’t […]

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Favourite Beauty Products 2013

Sorry for the lateness, I got my scheduling all confused!  Expect a few posts this week as everything catches up!  Anyway, on to my yearly favourites!   So I’ve selected a few items that I’ve really and truly loved this year.  I culled my list all the way down and these are my utter favourites […]

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September Empties!

September Empties As you can see I’ve a few empty products this month. Lets talk skin care first Empty Skin care products I’ve used up two more Biore nose strips.  These are fine, I’m not overly sold on them still. I’ve finally used up my Liz Earle Skin Tonic.  I’ve been using this in the […]

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Emma Hardie Cleansing balm Review

You may have seen this in a recent haul from Space nk.  I’ve heard about this product for quite a while but never really had reason to buy it.  Recently however my skin hasn’t been overly happy.  It has definitely improved in the past few months but it felt like it had plateaued.  I still […]

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Space Nk Summer Event Haul! (Whoops…)

So I heard that Space NK were having a summer shopping event.  I heard this at the worse possible time, I was having an utterly pants day.  I’d ripped a hole in my jeans, I’d slept in, generally other things were driving me a bit mental.  So taking my list of products that I’d been […]

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