Swing Dancing, Beauty Evening & plenty of craic!

Weekly Vlog

A week of serious craic!  We went to the Food & Drinks festival on Hove lawns & may have had the odd beverage on the beach.  We took part in a swing lesson which was good fun.  I went to a beauty evening at The Body Shop, I did a post on that here.  I […]

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The Craic & back training again!

Friends in pub

Bit of craic this week as life starts to return to some sort of normality..sort of anyway!  I’m back training again and I’ve popped in some snippets of my woeful Irish dancing, we all have to start (again) somewhere.  We did manage to have a few drinks with friends though 😉

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Weird Few Days

Brighton laine

It has been an odd few days, lots of rushing around to try and get some last minute things done before we fly.  Managed to get up to London to get in some dance training – so you get to see me thoroughly red faced!  Then there was an odd incident with some rather annoying […]

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Back on the healthy train!

Irish Dancer

Our weekly vlog is up! This week I’m getting back into training again and eating better.  I’ve shared some breakfasts with you, if you’d like to see more of what I’m eating, let me know! I mentioned in my recent post that I’m signed off to start training again too, so there’s a bit of that. […]

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Actually, I Can!

Weight on Scales

  I’ve some exciting news on the health & fitness front.  I did an update post back in March and explained my injury and my inability to exercise.  I have overall improved what I’ve been eating but I’ve not really been losing any weight, just maintained my weight.  Which is fine but I’m not happy […]

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Exercise & Hair Dye Gone Very Wrong…

Vlune Cover Terrible Hair Dye

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my week off and I’ve been filling it full of fun things.  Although the latest adventure – attempting to strip my hair colour and apply fresh dye…well it didn’t go so well!

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Mini Adventures!

vlogging couple cover

I’ve been off having mini adventures on my week off!  Getting in plenty of exercise between the gym and hiking adventures in the woods.  This is my small attempt at vlune – or “vlog a lot in June” in my case.  Hope you enjoy!

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New Job, Gigs & Leg Gym

youtube cover images brighton couple

Bit of a fun week!  I got a new job, which I’m very excited about, Simon went to see Prodigy with some friends and I started my new physio leg gym, which was actually pretty tough.  There is of course and all the other random stuff thrown in there too. Thanks for watching!

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Weekly Vlog: Dog Walks, Exercise & Decluttering!

brighton vloggers

I thought I would start posting our weekly vlogs up here!  We post snippets from our week every Sunday!  This week that includes, exercise, dog walks, plenty of food, decluttering of the wardrobe and general chat!  Oh and there’s the outfit of the days, makeup used, mini hauls and all sorts of random other bits…OK […]

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Tuesday Chats, Health & Fitness Journey

I’ve not done an update on this front in over 6 months…almost 8 months in fact!  After the run up to the wedding, I eased up on all of it for a month or so.  Then I started training for a few massive Irish dance competitions, it was around this time that I took up […]

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Finding Motivation

Yep that’s me In recent months I’ve become lazy.  Yes I’ve had injuries, but I’ve used these as an excuse to be lazy and to comfort eat.  It’s gotten me nowhere.  I recently discovered I’d also become a bit of a whinge, it’s saying something when you notice it about yourself.  I’m not sure if […]

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Weight Loss Journey

Source I mentioned in my last post that I had definitely put on weight since my wedding, I noticed it in my clothes.  I still notice it to be honest.  I was gradually eating better and drinking more water but not putting in much effort and still having a bit too much chocolate and pizzas […]

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My Weightloss & Fitness Journey!

Source It has been a while since I gave you all an update on my weightloss and fitness journey.  To be honest it stalled in all the fuss after the wedding!  I ate whatever took my fancy while on our mini-moon and I’ve been at it ever since!  I have gained a bit of weight, […]

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How goes my weight loss?! Quick update!

So time for another health and fitness update, you can check out my previous post here.  I went to the gym on Tuesday for my measurements update, I was a tad nervous, especially considering it was my hen party at the weekend….I may have consumed large amounts of cocktails but I did keep my food […]

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Health & Fitness Update!

Salad Lunch Time for a bit of an update on my health & fitness, generally where I’m at.  Doesn’t my lunch look tasty – I know I’m bias but it’s so colourful, it’s something I’ve been really enjoying.   I’ve managed to lose 9lbs over the past month or so and this is how I’ve […]

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First Session with Personal Trainer

source I thought I would share my first session with my personal trainer so if you were interested you might know what to expect and maybe be less intimidated by it all.  I say this because I was a tad intimidated.   On a side note I really like this image.  It is called The […]

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Weight Loss Apps!

I’ve been using a few apps recently to help me lose weight, I thought it might be useful to share them! MyFitnessPal First up is MyFitnessPal.  This has an app side and a website, so you’ve two locations to enter your daily food intake.  I’ve gradually got in the habit of putting all my food […]

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Time to sort my health out!

Image Source I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my health, it always takes that shock to kick me into action.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not massively unhealthy at all, in fact I’m in pretty good shape.  Well I was until recently.  I’ve let a lot of things slide in recent […]

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