Anti-Aging Sheet Masks? First Impressions

Timeless Truth

When I last went to the London Bloggers Fashion Week, I was given these sheet masks to try out.  It just goes to show how slack I’ve been on the skin care front, as I’m only getting around to testing them out now!  So this is a bit of a first impressions, with a mini […]

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Current Eye Creams!

As you know I’ve been using both of these for quite some time, I’ve been meaning to talk about the Drops of Youth eye cream for a while, so why not chat about both?  Good plan right?

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June Favourites & Fail

June Makeup Favourites

I’ve been experimenting with lip colours quite a bit this month and I’ve rediscovered a few lip products that work really well with my new hair colour.  I’ve also been testing out new primers and I’ve a few other makeup items that I’ve loved this month!

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Nail Strengthening Joy!

So you’ve probably heard me complain, moan, whinge and generally weep over the state of my nails.  They were weak – breaking over the slightest thing, I also had seriously peeling going on.  At one point every single nail peeling.  As you can imagine, this meant my nails weren’t really growing, or if they did, […]

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Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream Review

Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream I picked up this little pot of goodness about 6 weeks ago.  I had used up a small sample previous to buying the full size, clearly I fell in love with it.  I bought this for £23 for 15ml.  It’s quite a thick cream and you really only need a […]

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