New Hair! Red to Blonde

New Hair

So I’ve had the red-ish hair for a wee while now and although it was a lovely colour, it never felt like me.  When I looked in the mirror, I just didn’t recognise myself.  So I couldn’t wait any longer, time for a change!  I went to a hairdressers this time to get my hair […]

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October Beauty Empties

October Beauty Empties As always, I have a mix of hair care, skin care and makeup.  I’ve left out the regular repeats, for example, empty cotton pads and shaving foam. Hair Care Empties Let’s start with hair care.  I have an almost empty Pantene Volume & Body conditioner*, I didn’t really enjoy this, it really […]

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Holiday Beauty & Fashion Haul!

Haul! So I may have done some shopping while in Brussels and again when I discovered we were near an outlet centre while in Hampshire!  I have a mix of skin care, makeup and style. Apologies that this is just a video post again, I’ll a bit all over the place having taken 3 weeks […]

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