Lush Review | Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs, Oils & more

Lush Product Review

I’ve been testing out all of the Lush products I bought at the Christmas event back in October (yep, this is the world of retail).  So I’ve been gradually having baths more often – I’ve always been a bit pants about having a nice bath. I shower in the morning and get out the door, […]

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Winter Pamper Evening

Winter pamper

Don’t know about you, but I am forever in need of pampering.  I seem to forget for far too long and then need it all at once!  Preferably including a bath, masks and a good book.  I’ve been testing out a few new products and one much beloved.  Shall we start with the new shiny […]

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Alternative masks – feet, hair & nails!

hair nail foot mask

Now we all know I’m fan of a good face mask, who isn’t?  However when I spotted these masks from 7th Heaven at the Bloggers Festival, well I had to grab a few!  I’m regretting not grabbing more to be honest.  I have two from the Spa line – the Soften Sock Masque and the […]

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The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

Chinese Ginseng & Rice Mask Jar

I got this mask in a goody bag from The Body Shop, the timing was impeccable.  I have the been testing out other skin care – I mentioned in the ekia skin care review post that I had issues with some clogged pores.  So when I discovered I had the Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying […]

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A Week of Good Things

Brighton/London Vlog

It has been more than a little bit mental of late, which is no bad thing necessarily!  I had a wonderful trip up to London, you would’ve seen snippets and my shopping from the day in my Crown Brush & Vanity X Beauty Event & haul post, I’ve included more as always in the vlog. […]

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Ooh Arr Face Masks!

Ooharr Face Masks

I was very kindly sent these fun clay masks to test out.  I can’t say no to a new face mask to test out and how cute is the packaging!  Ooh arr use natural ingredients and essential oils to create their masks, winner.  The masks all come with 15ml in each sachet, which I generally get […]

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Ready for the off!

Valentines Vlog

So we’re back vlogging!  Woot!  These are a few snippets from the last week or so, including a rather odd experience on Valentine’s Day!  May have also spoiled myself with a nice bit of pampering in Powder Beauty.  We got all ready to fly off too.  So all the things!

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Roots & Rituals Hair Treatment!

Roots & Rituals hair oil hair conditioner

I was kindly gifted these to try out by Roots & Rituals, I originally met the brand at the London Fashion Week for bloggers but sadly they ran out of stock on the night.  I’m glad they follow up though, as I’m very much in love with both of these products.

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Calling in the Big Guns

Multiple Facemasks

  My skin has been rather unhappy recently, I’ve been testing out a few products so it’s all self inflicted. I decided at the weekend to give my skin a thorough MOT.

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Proper Pamper Session

Not too long ago I went through how I tend to do a Pamper in a Hurry, for once I finally had time to give myself a proper full on pamper session.  Hair, Face & Nails! I started my chilled out Sunday morning by washing my hair over the bath before adding my Tresemmé Keratin […]

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Pamper in a hurry!

I don’t know about you but I’m terrible for making excuses for not doing face masks more regularly.  So the other night while chilling out with my husband, playing games in fact, I quickly nipped to the bathroom and gave my face a light scrub using the Gentle Refiner* from Clarins, I’m not entirely sold […]

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GlamGlow YouthMud Mask, Worth The Hype?

GlamGlow YouthMud I got this from Rebecca Lately in our USA/UK makeup swap, you can check those posts out here Part One/ Part Two.  I had seen all the posts and all the hype surrounding this face mask, so I put it on my wishlist without thinking I would get it!  So you can imagine […]

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Fabulous Facial

So if you follow me on Instagram you probably know I went for a facial last week!  It was fabulous, so I thought I would share my experience.   Doesn’t it just look so inviting. Time to relax I’ve been going to Powder Beauty Boutique for years now, I love the look of it, the […]

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Be Kind To Yourself

For those of you that have come to know me, you’re probably aware that I’m organising a wedding!  Which is a bit full on, throw in a job that can be quite high stress (I’m the Senior QA/Software tester in a small company that deals with rather important clients).  Add in running an Irish dance […]

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Sunday Night Pampering!

Sunday Night Pamper Goodies So every weekend I try to give myself a wee bit of a pamper session, who doesn’t?  Tonight these are the goodies I am using. Let us start with the scrub.  I’ve stopped using really exfoliating scrubs as they’re just as wee bit too harsh, so instead I’ve started using the […]

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SuperFacialist Tea Flower Face Mask Review

Superfacialist Face Mask So I’ve been testing out this clay based mask for a few weeks.  I’ve mixed thoughts but overall I generally like it! (There’s a definite answer…) This retails for £8.99 and I picked mine up at boots, but you can also purchase it directly from the SuperFacialist website.  You get 125ml in […]

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All Over Pampering!

So I’ve been giving myself a gradual pamper over the past two days.  I started on Sunday by having a really nice long shower.  I gave myself a thorough brush all over first using my body brush from Body Shop, once I was all brushed I applied Aromatherapy & Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower […]

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Weekend Skin care!

So now for my weekend skincare, I know it’s not even midweek but we can dream of the weekend! Above is a picture of the products I bring out. I should’ve included my Simple face wipes – the standard green package.  I use these to remove any makeup if I’m wearing any. I then lightly […]

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