Dark moments

Darker Days

Those dark little moments.  We all have them.  Right? When we’re at our most tired, when our hormones are being asses or when we’ve not eaten!  Feed me always.  However they arrive, they do and they cast a long shadow on all that is good.  *Picture Mufasa explaining to Simba about everything the light touches..except for […]

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My 2016

2016 review, all of the achievements and laughs along the way.

I’m currently sitting on a train writing this, I’m giving you fair warning that this is a long one, grab a cuppa and have a catch up. I’ve noticed lately there is a definite downer on 2016 being an awful year. I suppose on a global scale it really was. It’s means that 2017 is […]

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Good news everybody!

Good News

This week has been all about getting stuff done.  I had such a productive week, I may have lacked enough sleep to get me through the week… although in good news, I did it intact AND nobody died!  Massive win.  I got to hang out with the ever nutty Meg, that dog is the best […]

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What blogger communities mean to me

blogging communities

  I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I was a bit late to the blog and youtube game.  I didn’t investigate until the end of my 20s and it’s only in the last year that I’ve actually made a decision to work hard on my blog to improve it and actually take more […]

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Dancing Queen & Attack of the Killer Meg

Running Dog

It’s been an unsurprisingly hectic weekend, hence the lateness of this vlog, sorry about that!  I’d a weekend of competing, not getting to my bed until 3am…this is after being awake from 4.30am. What was that about!  I did manage to squeeze in an excellent walk, although it was incredibly windy.  Busy few days, normal […]

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So you want our Secret Sauce….

Secret Sauce

Such a busy but fun few days.  I may have the best husband ever…he made an excellent version of the McDonalds Secret Sauce, of course he had his own take on it.  Turns out it’s amazing and he very gracefully made it for me again!  Legend.  I could eat that stuff with every meal.  Aside […]

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Foggy much?!

Foggy Much

Check me out, shiny new mid-week vlog!  I know! I was vaguely surprised at myself being this organised too!  Anyway, it’s been a fun few days.  up to London through some serious fog, seriously, I thought Brighton had disappeared into the abyss.  I also got an a lovely beauty event at The Body Shop, I […]

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Q&A Part Two! Travels, YouTube Advice, Plans for 2016!


  Part two of the Q&A from last week!  This part we’re talking all about travel plans, YouTube advice for people just starting out, beauty product must haves and my plans for 2016!  As well as some ridiculous questions too obviously!  You can catch up on Part One, I had so much fun answering all […]

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Vlogmas #10 Our last one!

Vlogmas 10

So this is the last vlogmas vlog!  It’s been fun and mostly entertaining 🙂  I’m now back on my feet and off investigating Brighton in the evenings, checking out some of the lights and the ice rink.  Simon tested out a few new recipes, I was rather happy about this!  Vlogging will be back to […]

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Vlogmas #9 Distracting paper chains

Vlogmas 9

I took to distracting myself with paper chains!  Well after being stuck in the flat for a few days, I needed some sort of distraction!  The rather excellent Meg came over for a visit, she did bring her owner….mostly we were excited to see Meg! With good reason.  Sorry this is up a bit late! […]

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Vlogmas #7 We have fire!

Vlogmas 7

The husband has performed a miracle and brought fire to the flat!  Yep, I know.  I was surprised too!  Also testing out some yoga moves to help with my overly tight hamstrings.  May have had a bit of a moment of a dress, I don’t think it will ever be the same.

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Vlogmas #4 Please do not get run over!

Vlogmas 4

  The latest instalment of Vlogmas! I have to say I’m quite enjoying doing these.  I did have a quiet few days, but I think that helps me focus on doing more!  So I’ve a few updates on what’s going on and with me in general.  Plus a wee look at our twinkly christmas tree! […]

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December Goals!

December Goals

Can you believe it’s the last month of 2015!  Bring on 2016!!!  So before we get stuck into my December Goals, let’s have a quick round up of my November Goals. My scheduling hassles have vastly improved.  I’m no longer taking on freelance work, however I’ve now decided to do vlogmas…more on that later.  I’m generally […]

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Dancing, bouldering & Christmas decorating!


  Managed to get a few wee bits of Eva dancing – the teacher I train with up in London.  Then Simon finally went bouldering with the camera!! I know, it’s only taken him a few attempts.  Then finished out the week by putting up the Christmas decorations a bit early…well I’ve a busy few […]

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Stop motion madness & making a mess

Brighton Sunshine

  Bit of a fun but hectic week.  I got to play around with some stop motion, an hour of taking photos resulted in 1min 29secs.. I know, but it was great fun.  The post on that will be up soon!  I did have some videos to get recorded but thankfully I got to enjoy […]

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Expat Tag

Expat Tag

I was tagged by Charlotte Ryan to do her Expat Tag and I figured as I’ve lived away from Ireland for over a decade now, I definitely qualify as an expat!  I thought the questions were great fun and something a bit different for a change!  So let’s get on with the questions..

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Beauty show, new lighting set up & an epic walk!

Vlog; Dog Walks, Beauty Show & new lighting

It’s been quite a lush week to be honest.  Started with a visit to the Olympia Beauty Trade Show and Beauty Blogger Awards.  So of course in between all the talks, I fitted in a bit of shopping…Later in the week my new lighting arrived, so I got to set that up.  I finished off […]

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Feeling Boxed In? Time for a Change!

Feeling Boxed In, Time for a Change!

I don’t know about you but I always feel the need for a change as the seasons change.  Sometimes it can often feel as though I’m boxed in, or being boxed in!  That frustrating feeling that you want to change something, or try something new but you can’t because of this overwhelming feeling.  That we […]

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