2018 The Good, The Bad & The Plans

New Year Decorations

It’s that time of the year again. We’re all reflecting on the year that has been. You’ve seen the tweets doing the rounds, top three accomplishments of the year, or our favourite things that have happened, or maybe “What are your plans for 2019?”. I’m brazenly joining in, I love a good a bit of […]

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Tuesday Chats, Health & Fitness Journey

I’ve not done an update on this front in over 6 months…almost 8 months in fact!  After the run up to the wedding, I eased up on all of it for a month or so.  Then I started training for a few massive Irish dance competitions, it was around this time that I took up […]

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Finding Motivation

Yep that’s me In recent months I’ve become lazy.  Yes I’ve had injuries, but I’ve used these as an excuse to be lazy and to comfort eat.  It’s gotten me nowhere.  I recently discovered I’d also become a bit of a whinge, it’s saying something when you notice it about yourself.  I’m not sure if […]

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