Weekly Vlog | Brighton to Ireland

Third Vlog May 2017

I’ve done it.  I’ve officially left Brighton.  I am no longer a resident there at all.  Sad times!  Although also incredibly exciting!!!! Yes all of those exclamation marks are necessary.  So this week has been a bit of a manic one as you might imagine.  We got the last of our injections, turns out the […]

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Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine

Well some of us got to enjoy some of the summer sunshine.  I spent large chunks of my week working.  Nothing new there right?!  I did however manage to squeeze in a good amount of fun, thankfully.  I went to a fun evening at MOD Pizza with some other blogger friends, it was fun just […]

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Slaying it

Second July Vlog

Yep complete cheese there, but the dragon made me do it… I took time off this week to get started on my business!  It’s been epic and busy!  I’ve had a few exciting meetings and conversations and all the good stuff.  I’ve also had the time to record more vlog goodness for you.  I’m thinking […]

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Sheep in the City

July Vlog 2016

Yet another busy week of it, I suppose that’s to be expected! I did manage to squeeze in a few fun things, Meg has finally made another appearance.  That dog brings me such joy!  Also a bit of a chat about creativity and opening up my brain, something you can do too.  Did I mention […]

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A Week of Good Things

Brighton/London Vlog

It has been more than a little bit mental of late, which is no bad thing necessarily!  I had a wonderful trip up to London, you would’ve seen snippets and my shopping from the day in my Crown Brush & Vanity X Beauty Event & haul post, I’ve included more as always in the vlog. […]

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Getting all the things done!

Third Weekly Vlog March

I’ve had such a good week of getting so much done, very satisfying!  Some annoying tasks out of the way, training – as always.  Only two weeks left…that’s actually a wee bit scary.  Thankfully I got to finish the week off by going to the Brighton Blogger Meet Up.  I got to meet some absolutely […]

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Visiting Ireland!

Visiting Ireland

So we’ve been off tripping around Ireland.  We managed to catch up with a good friend in Belfast, then off to Galway to see Siobhán – you’ve likely seen her already in our haul & make over video.  We’ve had so much craic and it’s been lovely seeing friends.  Of course we went to see […]

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Vlogmas #2 Meg officially ROCKS

Vlogmas 2 Sunrise

  My second vlogmas video is up! Sadly no events this time, but lots of dashing about getting bits done and I did manage to get take you to the gym briefly.  I was reminded why Meg rocks, seriously the best dog!  She cheered me right up after a disappointing moment at the gym.

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Vlogmas #1 All the good stuff!

Vlogmas 1

  So we’re off to a busy start!  Caught up with Simon’s gig – he went to see Matt Corby.  I did a spot of shopping – you would’ve seen the results yesterday, if not, why not?  Go check it out here.  Then I got invited to a rather fabulous event at Hotter shoes, I […]

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Weird Few Days

Brighton laine

It has been an odd few days, lots of rushing around to try and get some last minute things done before we fly.  Managed to get up to London to get in some dance training – so you get to see me thoroughly red faced!  Then there was an odd incident with some rather annoying […]

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We found the beach!

Brighton, couple, beach,

We finally made it to the beach!  It’s been a beautiful few days in Brighton.  Simon investigated an outdoor pop-up restaurant and I may have done some shopping…Hope you’re having a good day, thanks for watching!  You can catch up with our previous vlogs over on our vlog channel if you fancy!

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#Vlune Gigs, Graffiti & Life

live music, gig, vlune, lbloggers, vloggers

It’s been a fun few days.  Managed to see a friend’s gig, do a bit of shopping in the new Kiko in Brighton and find some random graffiti while wandering about! Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

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Exercise & Hair Dye Gone Very Wrong…

Vlune Cover Terrible Hair Dye

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my week off and I’ve been filling it full of fun things.  Although the latest adventure – attempting to strip my hair colour and apply fresh dye…well it didn’t go so well!

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