Life Update: Where Are We? What Are We Doing? What Are Our Plans?

Life, Blog & Youtube Updates

So we’re back in England now for a few weeks, it took about a week to settle and I had jet lag a few days after we arrived – bit annoying really! We’re settling back to “normal” life. In saying that, we’re currently staying with Simon’s mum until we find our feet – Simon is […]

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Weekly Vlog | Storm Before The Calm?

Fourth May Vlog 2017

The last weekly vlog before we headed off for Bali!  It was all kinds of crazy, spending a few days here and there with family and friends, followed by a few days of fun at the Ministry of Testing TestBash in Belfast – which was just brilliant, I know I’m bias but it was really […]

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Why Automated Direct Messages aren’t for me

More issues than Vogue

Now I’m aware that this is a controversial topic but it’s something that I seem to have been hammered with recently.  So I thought I’d share why automated DMs are maybe not the best idea, or at least not for me.  I just want to highlight the issues and maybe shed some light as to […]

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Is social media actually bad?

Is social media bad

So I’m sure you’ve seen the Essena O’Neill carry on, her decision to close her YouTube and Instagram because in short, social media is a terrible thing.  I’m not sure if that was her intention, but that was very much the feeling I got from her video.  Mind you she now has a vimeo account […]

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