Gig excellence & getting my mojo back!

March Vlog

It’s been a pretty busy week this week, so many fun things!  We went to see Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, utterly epic gig, seriously. Pleased I get to share it with you!  I also got in plenty of exercise, even some outdoor training…so many steps… I’ve got my blogger mojo back this week. […]

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Limited by Lack of Knowledge?

Lacking Knowledge

Have you ever felt limited by your lack of knowledge?  That you are working through thick custard, just to make a few changes to your routines?  This is me at the minute and it is so frustrating.   I want to spend time learning new skills and get them implemented, which takes quite a bit of […]

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Vlogmas #3 Seeing Double

Vlogmas 3

  Such fun!  We went to our first Christmas party of the season!  OK so I was a bit excited to get dressed up again.  I also managed to squeeze in some training, you can see I’ve a lot of work to do.  At least you can see the contrast between the ever graceful Eva […]

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A bit of a failed mission…

Brighton Couple Mission Fail

Another week, another vlog.  This week I’ve popped up to London for some dance training, fun times.  I’ve included some of my morning exercise routine and we also had a bit of a failed mission.  Thankfully we also got excellent time lapse footage 🙂  Fun times all round!

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The Craic & back training again!

Friends in pub

Bit of craic this week as life starts to return to some sort of normality..sort of anyway!  I’m back training again and I’ve popped in some snippets of my woeful Irish dancing, we all have to start (again) somewhere.  We did manage to have a few drinks with friends though 😉

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Weird Few Days

Brighton laine

It has been an odd few days, lots of rushing around to try and get some last minute things done before we fly.  Managed to get up to London to get in some dance training – so you get to see me thoroughly red faced!  Then there was an odd incident with some rather annoying […]

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Back on the healthy train!

Irish Dancer

Our weekly vlog is up! This week I’m getting back into training again and eating better.  I’ve shared some breakfasts with you, if you’d like to see more of what I’m eating, let me know! I mentioned in my recent post that I’m signed off to start training again too, so there’s a bit of that. […]

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