Summer In The City!

Summer In The City

So the second of the youtube conventions/meetups that I went to!  It was my first time at Summer In The City & I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The first day was the creators day and I may now actually understand the analytics..although only maybe.  On my second day I spent most of […]

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We are not children…much


We’ve been visiting Ireland after CraicCon, we did “borrow” a pair of scooter, visited a few lovely places, found a park & flew back! Busy few days,  also my excuse for being super slack on the blogging front – plus it was my birthday…

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Weird Few Days

Brighton laine

It has been an odd few days, lots of rushing around to try and get some last minute things done before we fly.  Managed to get up to London to get in some dance training – so you get to see me thoroughly red faced!  Then there was an odd incident with some rather annoying […]

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