Hooray for Christmas!

christmas vlog 1 2016

It should really be hooray for a vlog!  This is a wee bit overdue, let’s just say I had a bit of a discussion with Final Cut Pro…it didn’t go well.  Things are back up and running, it just needed a time out.  Thankfully I’ve all my footage still, so I get to share this […]

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Blogmas chats


I may have said at various points that I was going to do vlogmas & blogmas this year.  Yeah, nope, not a mission!  After vlogtober, I thought that I came out of it mostly intact and that I’d be able to do it for December, however I’ve decided I’d rather spend the time I have […]

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January Goals

January Goals

So I set myself only a few goals for December, I decided to get involved in Vlogmas throughout December – I’ve put together a Vlogmas playlist if you fancy a catch up.  I also aimed to complete my Media Kit and lastly I wanted to get working on my fitness again.  So how did I […]

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Vlogmas #10 Our last one!

Vlogmas 10

So this is the last vlogmas vlog!  It’s been fun and mostly entertaining 🙂  I’m now back on my feet and off investigating Brighton in the evenings, checking out some of the lights and the ice rink.  Simon tested out a few new recipes, I was rather happy about this!  Vlogging will be back to […]

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Vlogmas #9 Distracting paper chains

Vlogmas 9

I took to distracting myself with paper chains!  Well after being stuck in the flat for a few days, I needed some sort of distraction!  The rather excellent Meg came over for a visit, she did bring her owner….mostly we were excited to see Meg! With good reason.  Sorry this is up a bit late! […]

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Vlogmas #8 Christmas is in the post!

Vlogmas 8

Whoop, managed to get all the Christmas parcels in the post!  Feeling like an accomplished adult right now 🙂  Have you managed to get your Christmas post run done?  I’ve been talking about it long enough, so I’m delighted it’s sorted.  Also being all sorts of productive, in a fashion.  Even if it was a […]

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Vlogmas #7 We have fire!

Vlogmas 7

The husband has performed a miracle and brought fire to the flat!  Yep, I know.  I was surprised too!  Also testing out some yoga moves to help with my overly tight hamstrings.  May have had a bit of a moment of a dress, I don’t think it will ever be the same.

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Vlogmas #6 Possible Mouth Combustion!

Vlogmas 6

  It’s been a hectic few days!  We tested out some interesting dance moves…probably shouldn’t have recorded that!  Simon got excited about wasabi peas, can’t leave him unattended.  We also tested out a gluten free pizza recipe.  Fun times!

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Vlogmas #5 Nailed it!

Vlogmas 5

  I’ve started my pilates again, about time you say?  I know.  I also got some present wrapping done!  Woot!  So I’m almost ready to do my post office run.

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Vlogmas #4 Please do not get run over!

Vlogmas 4

  The latest instalment of Vlogmas! I have to say I’m quite enjoying doing these.  I did have a quiet few days, but I think that helps me focus on doing more!  So I’ve a few updates on what’s going on and with me in general.  Plus a wee look at our twinkly christmas tree! […]

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Vlogmas #3 Seeing Double

Vlogmas 3

  Such fun!  We went to our first Christmas party of the season!  OK so I was a bit excited to get dressed up again.  I also managed to squeeze in some training, you can see I’ve a lot of work to do.  At least you can see the contrast between the ever graceful Eva […]

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Vlogmas #2 Meg officially ROCKS

Vlogmas 2 Sunrise

  My second vlogmas video is up! Sadly no events this time, but lots of dashing about getting bits done and I did manage to get take you to the gym briefly.  I was reminded why Meg rocks, seriously the best dog!  She cheered me right up after a disappointing moment at the gym.

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December Goals!

December Goals

Can you believe it’s the last month of 2015!  Bring on 2016!!!  So before we get stuck into my December Goals, let’s have a quick round up of my November Goals. My scheduling hassles have vastly improved.  I’m no longer taking on freelance work, however I’ve now decided to do vlogmas…more on that later.  I’m generally […]

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Vlogmas #1 All the good stuff!

Vlogmas 1

  So we’re off to a busy start!  Caught up with Simon’s gig – he went to see Matt Corby.  I did a spot of shopping – you would’ve seen the results yesterday, if not, why not?  Go check it out here.  Then I got invited to a rather fabulous event at Hotter shoes, I […]

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Christmas Tag!

  I’ve a rather fun Christmas themed video for you today!  I was tagged to do this and I’m feeling a touch more Christmassy since it! If you’d like to do it, please do!  Let me know if you do, whether blogpost or video 🙂 Questions: Favourite Christmas Song? Favourite Christmas Film? What’s at the […]

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