Weekly Comments & Highlights!

Weekly Round Up 4

Time for our weekly catch up, going over the highlights from the week & answering your comments.  All the fun chats!

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All the boss events

vlogtober day 29

Some days just rock.  I was fortune enough to get invited to two different events on Thursday.  First up was the Powder Beauty Boutique event to celebrate the fact that Powder Beauty has been around for 10 years!  They had various inspirational talks on from Grl Pwr Gang, Supercharged club and Smoke + Mirrors Collective.  They covered […]

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Should I keep vlogging?? HELP!

vlogtober 26

I need some feedback on this one people, tell me your thoughts. The more honest the better!  Do I aim for regular vlogs still, daily style, or rein it back in for a bit?  I’m thinking more creative style videos too, I’ve had some ideas recently.  I would just love some feedback either way, yay […]

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Vlogtober Weekly Comments & Highlights 3!

vlogtober weekly chat 3

It’s another Vlogtober weekly round up!  I really do thoroughly enjoy these, it’s my way of saying thank you for commenting and engaging with me and all the high fives.  Plus it gives me a chance to reflect on the week and remember the highlights, which is always a good think for my mental health! […]

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Vlogtober 22 Exciting chats

vlogtober day 22 2016

Bit of a chatty vlog today, plans are shifting and there’s lots going on.  I sadly can’t quite talk about it now, but soon I promise.  No doubt you’ll guess what is goes on from the chats anyway, you’re clever people.  

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Vlogtober 17 Getting it done!

vlogtober day 17 2016

Today was all about getting stuff done!  After the weekend of being away and a week of feeling pants, well you can imagine we had some sorting out to do!  So it’s all about being productive and getting sh!t done.  I do love days like this, sets you up for the week ahead.  We’re also […]

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Vlogtober Weekly Highlights & Comments

vlogtober weekly highlights 2

It’s time for our second weekly chat!  I’ve decided to start including some of your comments and answering them and all that fun stuff. I’m also chatting about what my highlights were from the week.  Starting to quite enjoy doing the weekly catch ups, if I’m not careful I might get used to daily vlogging […]

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Vlogtober Day 15 Stunning Colours

vlogtober day 15

Shiny new vlog!  Can you believe we’re pretty much half way through the month?! This vlog is snippets from a few different days, all getting back on my feet after the accident, it took a bit of self care. I also finally got around to making that almond, pumpkin spice latte… it was interesting…

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Vlogtober 12 Car Crash

vlogtober 12 car crash

I know I would have normally posted the tag post – it’ll be up later in the week and another beauty post – I’ll make up for it next week.  Thought it best to pop this up and wave!  We’re both OK, the whiplash has practically vanished and the aches are less achy!  We’re both […]

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Vlogtober 11 We found a cave!

vlogtober day 11 Cheddar Gorge

We got to enjoy a beautiful day at Cheddar Gorge.  We got our friend moved successfully, Meg appreciated the help.  We may have even spotted Stonehenge on the way to the West Country – Somerset direction.  We was a wonderful almost mini-break of sorts.  I hope you enjoy the visuals, the cliffs are utterly amazing.

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Vlogtober Day 10 He fell down!

vlogtober day 10

So for a change I didn’t fall down! Go me!  Simon did instead… at least he had crash matts to catch him.  I may have wrapped up with some good viewing and attempted to shift a few bugs.  

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Vlogtober weekly round up!

vlogtober weekly 1

Time for the first weekly round up of Vlogtober!  Some of my favourite moments and what I’ve enjoyed about the week – yes falling down is in there.  I thoroughly enjoyed having a look back over the week again.

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Vlogtober 8 Lush Mayhem

vlogtober day 8

Another fun day in the life of a beauty blogger…yeah.  Getting lots of work done followed by a fun evening at the Lush Christmas event.  We may have been driven slightly batty by all the scents of Lush.  It was lots of fun though.  Did you know that Lyndsay has a channel now too!  I […]

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Vlogtober Day 3! Mini Hallowe’en Decor

vlogtober day 3 2016

Day 3 of vlogtober! Whoop!  May have picked up a wee bit of Hallowe’en goodness. Am I the only person that spells it Hallowe’en instead of Halloween.  I swear that’s how I was taught when we were in primary school.  It feels odd to spell it without the ‘.  Aside from that it’s been a […]

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Vlogtober Day 2: Getting outside!

vlogtober Day 2 2016

Made sure I got myself out of the flat.  This seems to be a mission, if I’m not careful I would spend the best part of a week in the flat working.  So my new aim is to leave the flat at least once every day, or every other day.  This time, we went for […]

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Vlogtober Day 1: Falling on my rear

vlogtober day 1

Look, look, look! First vlogtober video! How fancy am I right now?! I did manage to fall down twice, so ya know, good way to start vlogtober… Well at least it’s a bit different to all the other vlogs out there, probably being all nice and stuff.  You do get to see some normal activity, […]

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Vlogtober is coming!!

vlogtober 2016 announcement

You’ve probably guessed from the title, I’m going to give vlogtober a whirl!  What will this mean for the blog I hear you cry!? Will you get swamped with vlogs?  Well hopefully not.  I won’t post all of the vlogs here – so if you do want to keep up with vlogtober you need to […]

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We Won! Mostly..

Autumn Vlog

  It’s been a bit of a busy week.  Bit of a round up of the British National Irish dancing competition (Feis and Oireachtas).  Pottering around Stratford upon Avon, catching up with the husband and embracing the Autumn colours.  Sadly the rain has also landed, possibly my least favourite bit about Autumn, ah well!  Onwards!

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