June Favourites & Fail

June Makeup Favourites

I’ve been experimenting with lip colours quite a bit this month and I’ve rediscovered a few lip products that work really well with my new hair colour.  I’ve also been testing out new primers and I’ve a few other makeup items that I’ve loved this month!

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#Vlune Gigs, Graffiti & Life

live music, gig, vlune, lbloggers, vloggers

It’s been a fun few days.  Managed to see a friend’s gig, do a bit of shopping in the new Kiko in Brighton and find some random graffiti while wandering about! Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

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Biggest Child?!?

adult playing on a swing

Our latest #vlune post!  I left Simon unattended and he may have got up to silly shenanigans….

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JD McPherson & A bit of Baking!

Another few days of excitement!  We got to see JD McPherson live, which was just epic fun, so much dancing… Also managed to do some baking and eat out far too much!  

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#Vlune Decisions Decisions

Bit of a busy week! Getting lots done and attempting to make some decisions, or maybe it’s just a mid-life crisis!

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Smelly What Now?!?!

vlune cover

Another #vlune installment!  It’s been an interesting few days, still dealing with the fact I won’t be able to dance again.  To keep our chin up we’ve been to a local festival and tried out some local goodies.  Husband even spoiled me with a special dinner!

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Mermaid Hair & Skating!

Another #vlune post! I’m actually thoroughly enjoying #vlune, even if I am just gathering a few of the daily posts and splitting them in two.  It’s making me do things with my day 🙂  In this one, we finished my hair, I no longer look quite so odd and we may have started skating…

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Exercise & Hair Dye Gone Very Wrong…

Vlune Cover Terrible Hair Dye

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my week off and I’ve been filling it full of fun things.  Although the latest adventure – attempting to strip my hair colour and apply fresh dye…well it didn’t go so well!

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Mini Adventures!

vlogging couple cover

I’ve been off having mini adventures on my week off!  Getting in plenty of exercise between the gym and hiking adventures in the woods.  This is my small attempt at vlune – or “vlog a lot in June” in my case.  Hope you enjoy!

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