Body Positivity | My Experience

Honestly Aine

We’ve all read the articles and supported people that are helping raise awareness of all the different shapes and sizes of bodies out there and frankly this all rocks.  Seriously, I think this should keep happening and one day it will be the norm for every body type to feel at home in this world.

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Tuesday Chats, Health & Fitness Journey

I’ve not done an update on this front in over 6 months…almost 8 months in fact!  After the run up to the wedding, I eased up on all of it for a month or so.  Then I started training for a few massive Irish dance competitions, it was around this time that I took up […]

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My Weightloss & Fitness Journey!

Source It has been a while since I gave you all an update on my weightloss and fitness journey.  To be honest it stalled in all the fuss after the wedding!  I ate whatever took my fancy while on our mini-moon and I’ve been at it ever since!  I have gained a bit of weight, […]

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